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Reflexive addition in Halo PC without HEK

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I had forgotten Sparkedit does this for adding new items to the scenario.

How it does it is laziness. It doesn't rebuild the map, it just overwrites data, which puts some maps at risk of being broken or having things like console commands being disabled as a result.

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I know that. Sparkedit does it, too.


I was being facetious man, talking tongue-in-cheek. I wasn't presenting a report for review. Of course it's been done by all sorts of things, obviously your way is going to be better than using hmt and notepad. I was just saying we did it ages ago using the most ridiculous of methods, that was all.


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Here's adding 100 rocks in a perfect circle. The count can be adjusted in the code, but you get the point. Code for it is in spoiler


Download: http://protonnebula.com/proton/circlerockgulch_1.map.7z


char *data;

// Data is defined somewhere.

ProtonMap map(data);

const uint16_t size = 72;

char reflexiveToAdd[size] = {};
float x = 83;
float y = -151;
float z = 8;
*(uint16_t *)(reflexiveToAdd + 0x2) = 0xFFFF;

ProtonTag *tag = map.tags.at(map.principal_tag).get();

uint32_t count = 100;
float radius = 5.0;

HaloMapReflexive *reflexive = (HaloMapReflexive *)(tag->Data() + 0x210);
uint32_t offset = reflexive->address - tag->tag_magic;
uint32_t oldcount = reflexive->count;

for(uint32_t i=0;i<count;i++) {
    *(float *)(reflexiveToAdd + 0x8) = x;
    *(float *)(reflexiveToAdd + 0xC) = y + radius * sin((float)i / (float)count * M_PI * 4);
    *(float *)(reflexiveToAdd + 0x10) = z + radius * cos((float)i / (float)count * M_PI * 4);
    tag->InsertData(offset + (oldcount + i) * size, reflexiveToAdd, size);

reflexive = (HaloMapReflexive *)(tag->Data() + 0x210);

ProtonCacheFile cacheFile = map.ToCacheFile();


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