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EST. 14th of February, 2012

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So I was just playing Halo, DI, CTF and score was 7 - 1 in blues favour.  I had joined the game at this point on the blue team.  I saw the team strength was way uneven so upon retrieving my desired weapons and entering blue base I swapped teams to help the underdogs gain a few caps.


After capping my first a player on red switched teams and replied that teams were uneven when I asked why he did so. OMG I swapped to help this player, along with the others on red.  I continued to play, heaps of insults flew between players about blue team being the weaker team rah rah but this other guy that swapped stayed put on the winning side saying blue needed the help not red.  At 7 - 2 I don't think so.  I offered to swap back to the original team I was on, so he could go back to his but there was no reply. 


I thought higher of the player before now, and the clan he represents.  I guess winning is everything!

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This is the only thing I dislike about FPS games. If you're going to make something competitive, at least make it fair. I experience this a lot in CS:GO when playing against smurf accounts, people who buy the game again after getting so good that they piss all over lower skill level players for whatever the fuck reason (probably small penis and they can't take the heat in their own ranks).


Shit like that annoys me to no end and it ruins the experience for everyone.


inb4 git gud


There's a difference between getting better at a game and getting shit on.

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