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Chat Dump

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Bit of context: I was invited to raid on Destiny 2, but had to decline.



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08:05:34 <Egreth> I’d like to speak to your manager please.

08:05:53 Private: <Egreth> I know where you live

08:06:00 Private: <Egreth> Tu eres muertas.

08:06:15 <Egreth> left


MD Chat always a nice place to idle




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The dragon was a troll in disguise!


Dragon - Yesterday at 1:10 PM
hi @002


002 - Yesterday at 1:10 PM
oh no


tarikja - Yesterday at 1:11 PM
looks like u got someone to blow off ur dust! :v


Dragon - Yesterday at 1:11 PM
can you make md have interpolation


002 - Yesterday at 1:11 PM
you have yet to convince me why I should do this


tarikja - Yesterday at 1:11 PM
inb4 nudes


Dragon - Yesterday at 1:12 PM
md is better then ce yet u are supporting the enemy


002 - Yesterday at 1:12 PM
explain why HaloMD is better than Halo Custom Edition


Dragon - Yesterday at 1:12 PM
it runs on mac
its faster
it has extensions
more mods


002 - Yesterday at 1:13 PM
you know what also runs on a Mac? Halo Custom Edition
not that anything running on a Mac is a huge accomplishment


Dragon - Yesterday at 1:13 PM
it runs on macOS


002 - Yesterday at 1:14 PM
I don't see why a game running on some overpriced PC makes it better
also I'm not sure if you can say it's faster


Dragon - Yesterday at 1:14 PM
more optimizations


002 - Yesterday at 1:15 PM
yes but that means nothing when you only get mobile GPUs in what's supposed to be a desktop
also extensions?
Open Sauce, Chimera, HAC2, devcheats
we've been over this
go find better arguments


Dragon - Yesterday at 1:15 PM

002 - Yesterday at 1:16 PM

then when you have found them, make an account on Open Carnage and post them as a reply at https://chimera.opencarnage.net/


tarikja - Yesterday at 1:16 PM
and such the dragon's quest began :v


Dragon - Yesterday at 1:16 PM
i just want interpolation


tarikja - Yesterday at 1:17 PM
thee brigeth forth argumenths by a number no lesser than three! :v


Dragon - Yesterday at 1:17 PM
i dont want to join ur pc community


002 - Yesterday at 1:17 PM
I don't care.
That's the only way you will be able to convince me that I should make it on MD, or you can pay me $300 like I asked before


Dragon - Yesterday at 1:18 PM
what about here


002 - Yesterday at 1:19 PM
stop bothering me here.


Dragon - Yesterday at 1:19 PM
idc about your forum though


002 - Yesterday at 1:19 PM
then you won't care if I do this


Dyno - Yesterday at 1:20 PM
Member Banned


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I found an ancient as piss chat log from xfire dated april 17th 2011



[14:07] ??inb4Sceny ツ: I thought i should tell you this, because we haven't spoken recently
[14:07] ??inb4Sceny ツ: I love you
[14:07] ??inb4Sceny ツ: without clothes on


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