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Chat Dump

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snippets of a conversation in a discord channel today.  (the good parts) 




[5:56 PM] BOT[Iron] Pocok5: Pepsi is like,
vaguely cola-flavored sugar
[5:56 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): no she's
right, coke is pretty much the same with more
citric acid and less suger.
[5:56 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: I'm only allowed
ginger herbal tea. So I will weep with joy when
I can have anything mildly like cok
[5:56 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: *COKE COKE
[5:56 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: NOT COK
[5:56 PM] BOT[Owner] lee_lawd93: lol
[5:56 PM] Landscapes: Coke coke ?
[5:56 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): just
[5:56 PM] Chao: Coke Coke?
[5:56 PM] Landscapes: So much sugar
[5:56 PM] Landscapes: White stuff
[5:57 PM] Chao: lol
[5:57 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): Coke Coke: now
with 90% more cocaine!
[5:57 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: Uh LEE I wish I
could have more charecters to write with
[5:57 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: THE SHAME
[5:57 PM] BOT[Owner] lee_lawd93: Blame mod
makers for not being on 1.11+
[5:57 PM] Landscapes: Lol
[5:58 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: Ah ok. I will
blame Pocol ;)
[5:58 PM] BOT[Owner] lee_lawd93: lol
[5:58 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: *Pocok
[5:58 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): Pocoke*
[5:58 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: xD ahah lol
[5:58 PM] BOT[Iron] Pocok5: Pötzök
[5:58 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: Ooh fancy
[5:58 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: *hungarian

[6:33 PM] BOT[Iron] Pocok5: Generally speaking,
child support is paid by the parent that pulls
a Raven Branwen, not to them
[6:34 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: ... Lee will
have to sign a contract
[6:34 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: the honour of
name is enough
[6:34 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: they have my
[6:34 PM] BOT[Owner] lee_lawd93: this sounds
like its getting real shady
[6:34 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: :) I don't like
the sun anyway
[6:34 PM] BOT[Iron] Pocok5: What's a bit of
human trafficking amongst friends?
[6:34 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: haha!
[6:34 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): it got shady
the minute lin talked about you being property
[6:35 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: ahha! What about
my children!?
[6:35 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: I'm giving away
my children you monster!
[6:35 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): lin is like an
ant queen, all of her children and their
fathers are now her slaves.
[6:44 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): just looked at
beyond chat
[6:44 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): then back to
atm chat
[6:44 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): i'd say we're
the "naughty corner" of mmc
[6:45 PM] BOT[Owner] lee_lawd93: just uhm,
[6:45 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: you guys are so
[6:45 PM] BOT[Owner] lee_lawd93: the servers
will be linked in chat as of tomorrow
[6:45 PM] BOT[Owner] lee_lawd93: so uhm
[6:45 PM] BOT[Owner] lee_lawd93: lol
[6:45 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): should we play
"nice" for a few days?
[6:45 PM] BOT[Iron] Pocok5: Lol no
[6:45 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: xD ahah. nooo
Lee likes drama
[6:45 PM] BOT[Owner] lee_lawd93: maybe ease
them into it?
[6:45 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): we should
probably warn them about lin
[6:45 PM] BOT[Iron] Pocok5: Rip off the
bandage, easier that way
[6:46 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: ;) Yeah Lee
secretly employs me.
[6:46 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): that thing,
whatever it is, looks amazing
[6:46 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: say yes Lee
[6:46 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: the secret is
[6:46 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): i'd eat it
even if it causes lung cancer
[6:47 PM] BOT[Owner] lee_lawd93: wait, employ
you for what? O.o
[6:47 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: 0.0
[6:47 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: for
entertainment... not the naughty kind!
[6:47 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): well, not THAT
kind of naughty kind.
[6:47 PM] BOT[Owner] lee_lawd93: phew, ok sure
i can live with that
[6:48 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: ARE YOU IMPLYING
[6:48 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): lee goes to
check payroll to see if he was drunk
[6:48 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: xD aha. lol
careful! Don't imply Lee is ever drunk. It's
[6:48 PM] BOT[Owner] lee_lawd93: hey, i never
drink >.>
[6:48 PM] BOT[Owner] lee_lawd93: lol
[6:48 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): niether do i
[6:49 PM] BOT[Iron] Pocok5: After this convo
Lee is going to make a beeline to the nearest
crate of Guiness
[6:54 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: I don't play I
just sit around
[6:54 PM] BOT[Iron] Pocok5: Linloo honest to
god logs into MC just to talk
[6:54 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: talking. You
employ me for emotional support -remember
[6:54 PM] BOT[Iron] Pocok5: She literally
doesn't do anything
[6:54 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): i thought we
employed you for entertainment
[6:54 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: ... only for
[6:54 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): lin stop
changing employment records, you're going to
get lee in trouble
[6:54 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: Pocok gets shit
[6:55 PM] BOT[Regular] Linloo: xD ahah






<00:52:19> "Pandora": dance bitch dance

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16:45 - ʎuǝɔS: I stopped fapping
16:45 - ☠ ☬ 达到长久 ☬ ☠: O.o
16:46 - ☠ ☬ 达到长久 ☬ ☠: you're not the sceny i know
16:46 - ☠ ☬ 达到长久 ☬ ☠: WHERE IS HE
16:46 - ☠ ☬ 达到长久 ☬ ☠: WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?
16:47 - ʎuǝɔS: I have become the Sceny you need.
16:48 - ☠ ☬ 达到长久 ☬ ☠: ?? O.O
16:48 - ☠ ☬ 达到长久 ☬ ☠: you got brainwashed
16:48 - ☠ ☬ 达到长久 ☬ ☠: wakeup
16:48 - ʎuǝɔS: Now bend over
16:48 - ☠ ☬ 达到长久 ☬ ☠: oh god xD
16:48 - ʎuǝɔS: Time for an emergency prostate exam
16:48 - ☠ ☬ 达到长久 ☬ ☠: i knew you were still inside there

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[5:01 PM] Chifilly: Disgusting stuff

[5:01 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): BLASPHEMY
[5:01 PM] Chifilly: Tastes like liquified aids
[5:01 PM] XxNukeclearxX: that is not liquid aids.
[5:01 PM] XxNukeclearxX: its Dr.Pepper
[5:02 PM] Chifilly: No shit
[5:02 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): doctor pepper is the CURE for liquid aids.
[5:02 PM] XxNukeclearxX: there you go
[5:02 PM] Linloo: I agree with everything @Chifilly says
[5:02 PM] blackjack2222: Xd
[5:02 PM] XxNukeclearxX: -_-
[5:02 PM] blackjack2222: Suck up
[5:02 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): welp, lin's not getting her house finished now.
[5:02 PM] XxNukeclearxX: who?
[5:02 PM] Linloo: WHAT
[5:02 PM] Linloo: OH NO
[5:02 PM] Linloo: @Anthony (zer0flame55) I AGREE
[5:02 PM] XxNukeclearxX: MWAHAHAHA
[5:02 PM] Linloo: WITH YOU
[5:02 PM] XxNukeclearxX: XD
[5:03 PM] Linloo: I CHOOSE YOU @Anthony (zer0flame55)
[5:03 PM] blackjack2222: Break it down
[5:03 PM] XxNukeclearxX: omfg rofl
[5:03 PM] Chifilly: Such a whore :3 hopping from guy to guy xD
[5:03 PM] blackjack2222: XD
[5:03 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): i belive the propper term is "lady of the night"
[5:03 PM] Linloo: Wow. @Chifilly now I remember why you werent my favourite before
[5:03 PM] Chifilly: Or slag if you want to go full British on that one
[5:04 PM] Chifilly: Says the one that jumps onto anyone if they say something you like xD
[5:04 PM] Linloo: It's shows my agreement


Edited by Anthony



<00:52:19> "Pandora": dance bitch dance

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11:37:27 <FLIPPITY> joined

11:37:33 <FLIPPITY> hello

11:37:35 <Venomous> nerd

11:37:42 <Venomous> phucc

11:37:45 <FLIPPITY> Your a nerd, nerd

11:37:48 <Venomous> You got me

11:37:48 <FLIPPITY> buuurrrrrn

11:37:53 <FLIPPITY> In youuuuuuur face

11:37:54 <Venomous> damit

11:38:06 <Venomous> 1v1 me nibba

11:38:07 <FLIPPITY> watch yo profanity this is a christian server

11:38:12 <FLIPPITY> sucka

11:38:45 <FLIPPITY> who art thou people

11:39:20 <LiL_dawt> joined

11:39:20 <FLIPPITY> Good thing Nathan’s not on here he’s terrilble

11:39:29 <Venomous> Lol

11:39:51 <Venomous> He is so trash

11:39:55 <FLIPPITY> can he see this when he logs n on

11:40:20 <Venomous> lol yeah

11:40:20 <LiL_dawt> puss

11:40:38 <LiL_dawt> Dont get in the way of Jonathan’s weeaboo puss

11:40:38 <Venomous> You know you want some

11:40:47 <LiL_dawt> slrp

11:40:50 <FLIPPITY> Hehehe I low-key knew you could see this so I said it anyways to Make fun of you, leeeehhhhhoooohesser

11:40:55 <Venomous> Ohh yes dadddy]

11:40:59 <LiL_dawt> Be

11:41:05 <FLIPPITY> shut up venomous

11:41:08 <LiL_dawt> BeBeBeBe

11:41:13 <FLIPPITY> Your are a plague to our society

11:41:25 <Venomous> Nut

11:41:50 <Venomous> Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft

11:41:52 <LiL_dawt> BeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBe

11:42:18 <FLIPPITY> nathan scuks

11:42:29 <LiL_dawt> if

11:42:30 <FLIPPITY> Oops wrong word

11:42:30 <LiL_dawt> you

11:42:30 <Venomous> im redarded

11:42:34 <FLIPPITY> sorry wrong person

11:43:33 <FLIPPITY> Whats the limit on the letters with this thingkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkksksksksskskskskksksksksksksssksskskkskskskskskskskskskskssksksksksksksksksksksksksksksskskksksksksksksksksksksksksksososososososososososososososososososososksksksmsmsmsmsksksksksksksksosososkskskskskskskskskskskskskskskskskksksksskkskskskskskskskskssksksks

11:43:48 <FLIPPITY> nvm Johnathan just Tod me the limit

11:43:53 <FLIPPITY> Hahahahahahahhaahahaha so funny

11:44:09 <Venomous> Tod me the limet

11:45:45 <FLIPPITY> left

11:45:53 <Venomous> left

11:59:39 <LiL_dawt> left


Average HaloMD Chat




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I found an old Xfire chat log I posted on Facebook that popped up because Facebook wants to remind me of every post I've ever made.


Them: hi
Me: hello
Them: sorry to bother you Radon, but do you have a cd key I could use for Halo?
Me: no :\
Them: do u still have halo installed on your computer tho
Me: idk. lol
Them: how do u not know lol, do you still play halo
Me: I do quite often ;)
Me: I keep forgetting to open up Xfire though
Them: do u know what a cd key recovery tool is? this is a baddass tool to help you recover your halo cd key
Them: [SOME URL]
Them: download it and a program will appear with you cd key for future reference
Me: i c.
Them: can u pls use it man i need it to admin the CnR servers before they kick me out for inactivity
Me: I don't have Halo on this computer....
Them: wow
<This user is now offline>


For context: Radon was an old name I used on Xfire and the original Call of Duty multiplayer. CnR was an old clan that had a bunch of servers featuring a cops and robbers gametype. I don't remember the original name of the guy, and this is exactly as it was posted on Facebook.

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[11:09 AM] Linloo: @Anthony (zer0flame55) HOLD UP. SkyUi available for SSE!?
[9:41 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): yes @Linloo
[9:41 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): you have to use the alpha version of SKSE64 to run it, its a requirement
[10:28 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): @Linloo https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12604/?
[3:45 PM] Linloo: Yay thanks @Anthony (zer0flame55) . You're now my search engine
[7:34 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): ...
[7:35 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): if you pay me the kind of money google earns, sure. ask questions all damn day :stuck_out_tongue:
[7:48 PM] Anthony (zer0flame55): @linloo



I would GLADLY act as a personal search engine if you payed me that kind of money.



<00:52:19> "Pandora": dance bitch dance

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09:39:53 <fagatron> joined

09:39:58 <fagatron> hello

09:40:03 <fagatron> hi

09:40:08 <fagatron> how are you

09:40:19 <fagatron> im good fine how about you

09:40:28 <fagatron> im good that you

09:40:42 <fagatron> what are you doing playing halo

09:40:52 <fagatron> really so am i

09:41:05 <fagatron> thats really cool

09:41:54 <fagatron> left


Sometimes you have to be your own best friend

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My conversations with Tucker933 on Discord go like this:



Tucker933 - Last Tuesday at 4:40 PM
Server up tomorrow maybe? =D


Kavawuvi - Last Tuesday at 4:45 PM
sure, assuming I'm alive tomorrow


Tucker933 - Last Tuesday at 4:47 PM
Fair enough


Kavawuvi - Last Tuesday at 5:38 PM
alive and conscious that is


Tucker933 - Last Tuesday at 5:52 PM


Kavawuvi - Last Tuesday at 5:56 PM
what's up


Tucker933 - Last Tuesday at 5:58 PM
You have so many requirements


November 29, 2017


Tucker933 - Last Wednesday at 8:13 PM


Kavawuvi - Last Wednesday at 8:13 PM


Tucker933 - Last Wednesday at 8:13 PM
No server?


Kavawuvi - Last Wednesday at 8:13 PM
how do I know I'm alive and conscious


Tucker933 - Last Wednesday at 8:14 PM


Kavawuvi - Last Wednesday at 8:14 PM
but that's how I know I'm running Windows
according to microsoft


Tucker933 - Last Wednesday at 8:14 PM
Check your processes


Kavawuvi - Last Wednesday at 8:14 PM
what if I'm dreaming? do I want to waste a perfectly good lucid dream setting up a server


Tucker933 - Last Wednesday at 8:14 PM


Kavawuvi - Last Wednesday at 8:15 PM
that did nothing

anyway I'm currently updating the VPS
it's 34% done


Tucker933 - Last Wednesday at 8:21 PM
You're clearly not cut out to be an Admin


Kavawuvi - Last Wednesday at 8:21 PM
don't worry I'll ban nil later


Tucker933 - Last Wednesday at 8:22 PM
I totally forgot nil existed



Kavawuvi - 11/11/2017
staff segregation? this should be illegal
and you do it to your fellow staff, too. because you have no soul

Tucker933 - 11/11/2017
Yup. Fuck you

Kavawuvi - 11/11/2017

Tucker933 - 11/11/2017
Too late
I fucked you last night

Kavawuvi - 11/11/2017
oh so that was what was making those moaning sounds



Tucker933 - Yesterday at 1:02 AM
I'm in GR1


Kavawuvi - Yesterday at 1:02 AM
not anymore
you're in


Tucker933 - Yesterday at 1:03 AM


Kavawuvi - Yesterday at 1:03 AM
gam rom 64


Tucker933 - Yesterday at 1:03 AM

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