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What did you do today?

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2 hours ago, Krazychic said:

I'm waiting for the post "Got Married" @Tucker933

Happened 3 days ago!! =D


Couple pictures in Discord.

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Oddly, this is familiar to you... as if from an old dream.  


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Hey I bought that TV a couple of years ago and I promise you won't miss that old Vizio.


I recently wall mounted it and the only downside was trying to find the right spacer configuration to put the plate onto the curved back of the TV.

Kavawuvi: one of these days these glutes are gonna squawk all over you

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I arrived back in London and moved into my new place, then spent £200 pounds on sheets. I didn't realise I had picked up the ultra-high thread count ones, the cashier was disarmingly charming, and there was a line behind me.


Fellas, do you think I can deep fry cotton as a sort of caloric toast?

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I am currently working a full-time contract position for a customer at their data center, and my company's corporate IT on the side, on top of taking care of my family. Needed to simplify my life and not burn myself out. I put my two weeks notice in (yesterday) and am taking up a position that is closer, better pay and ultimately better for my family. It was a hard move because I really liked what I was doing, but I was killing myself and needed to slow down. 


New position is a *nix admin role with some AWS (I'm certified :) ) in a similar environment to what I work now with my customer contract. 

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System Administrator (Well Rounded) | AWS | Azure | Microsoft 365

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Did an escape room with friends.
This was my third one.
First one we got to the final puzzle but ran out of time and failed.
Second time we barely made it with less than a minute left.
This time we were on the last 2 puzzles but we botched the 2nd to last puzzle twice. We also wasted a good 10-15 minutes in the beginning before asking for assistance.

But these are fun. If anyone has a well reviewed room in their area then find some peeps and give it a go.

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"You're nothing but a thing to me." -Tucker933 2016   

"Mine's not huge, but neither are my hands, so it's a real good fit." -Badga666 2017                

"It's not incest until it's in." -Caesar 2017

"Poison dart frogs aren't poisonous. Mankind is a poison and the dart frogs are the cure." -Somewhere on the internet 

"I felt left out so I added myself to your signature." -Pfhunkie 2020

"English isn't my primary language. It's also the only language I know." -ShikuTeshi ????
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