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What did you do today?

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On 2/20/2018 at 4:38 AM, Puddin said:

I grew up not knowing much about my Dad. He passed away at a young age when I was 2 months old. For the most part all I knew was that he was in the Navy, no other info.

Yesterday I received information that not only was he in the U.S. Navy, He was in WW2 and he served aboard the USS ROI - CV-103 a US Escort Carrier, USS Roi was a 10,000-ton Casablanca-class escort aircraft carrier commissioned in July of 1944. It was assigned to carry planes, servicemen, and equipment to bases around the Pacific during World War II and the Pacific War. 


Not finding alot of information as it was a very long time ago, but If anyone can offer some reference/research points for me that would be great.





I'm a few months late in replying, but if you haven't already you might find some information with the Naval History and Heritage Command, they maintain quite the historical archives. I also recommend contacting the National Archives for access to ship deck logs, duty rosters, ect... 

If you haven't already you can obtain a copy of his DD214, as well as his other service records from the National Archives WWII Records collection.  

Once you have his records, if it's something you's like to do you could order any ribbons, insignia, and uniform fixtures he was awarded and earned to place in a nice shadow box for display.


Be sure to inquiry about photos during his time in service, there may be crew photos, candids, or other photos within the archives that aren't apart of the written records that he may be in. Also, don't feel awkward making inquiries or requests, that's why the archives exist. 

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On 5/20/2018 at 3:43 AM, Puddin said:

Thank you so much for the information. I have researched some and im awaiting his dd214. Thanks again :)


Awesome! I'd love to hear more on his service history once you get his DD214, if you don't mind sharing. 

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On the 1st day of summer vacation I...   :)


  • Went out for breakfast with my 5 yo
  • Went shopping for mulch, flowers, outdoor pillows and misc home goods @Home Depot
  • Went shopping at the Everything a dollar store - spider man and US flag balloon (to signal the beginning of summer vacation according to my 5yo)  water balloons, misc squirt guns, water cannons, big bouncy balls, candy, toys etc
  • Came home, planted some purdy flowers, watered plants, put down mulch, mowed the lawn
  • Played several rounds of Killer Zombie Water Nerf w/ 5yo


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So I'm home alone as my wife and kids have gone to the zoo.
I'm chilling at home. Doing housework! Went to Jumuah, and now I'm back and waiting on HQTrivia to start!

Tonight I have work, which sucks.

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