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What did you do today?

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I got up at around 8 AM and went to the doctor's office. My right ear was having a little trouble hearing and a few nights ago I was experiencing vertigo, feeling like I just spun around 10 times on an office chair.


There was apparently a buildup of earwax, so I got both of my ears cleaned out, and holy shit they both feel great now. Soon after that, I ate a double bacon cheeseburger, an order of fries, and had a vanilla shake at a fast food restaurant.


Today was a great day.

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Caught a big angry crab doing some rock pooling with my son down in cornwall, man those things are fast fuckers.

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What i DIDNT do today was build my Ryzen 7 system.

Friggin Case arrived, keyboard arrived....the 3rd box with all the goodies...delayed a day...Fuckers.



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Moved into my new 36 square meter apartment mansion! Bv


Apparently Internet already works. Just ~10 of the promised 50 Mbit, but still, it works. And a technician comes tomorrow anyway.

Time to move the rest of those boxes...

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I learned how to play Poker this month. Did a money game with family and friends today. Only a $10 buy in, $70 total. Walked out with $30. The game went on for three hours till midnight.

Everyone thought I had always known how to play poker because I made too many good calls. Went all in twice and won both. It got to the point where whenever I continued past the first 3 river cards, everyone else would get paranoid about what I had in hand. Of course, I would occasionally provoke people to "call my bluff" when my chances of winning were solid.

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