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Wasn't thrilled with Red Faction Armageddon, but the other games I would buy. Especially Company of Heroes since it's a good RTS.

I can say that Metro 2033 is fucking great.

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Like the Facebook page and grab the CD key and redeem on steam.


Shameless review plug


Metro 2033 is a post apocalyptic first person shooter set in Moscow, Russia. Moscow citizen fled to the Metro tunnels because of the launch of Nuclear bombs. You play a young man named Artyom, born a few days before the apocalypse, now living with your uncle Alex in Exhibition station. You are given a task to reach Polis and explain a turn of events to a Ranger named Miller involving Hunter trying to stop a great threat known as the Dark Ones.

The good.

Metro 2033 gives a really great impression of the world being post apocalyptic through many means. First being that cash, in the form of military grade rounds, are rare and weapons and ammo are costly. There is a wide variety in weapons ranging from the bastard gun, which is manufactured in the Metro, to a P90, to pneumatic weapons such as the Tihar. The minimal hud is great for immersion as well. Simple additions such as having to keep enough gas mask filters on hand due to the air being poisonous on the surface or keeping your flashlight charged with a hand pump are great without feeling tedious.

The levels are well designed and overall creepy, but this is a good thing. Walking the Metro tunnels gives you the feeling of being alone due to ambient lighting and sound. The surface is fantastic because it without a doubt shows how hostile the world has become due to the many creatures which now roam. The levels range from being in the metro, on the surface, in the sewers, dealing with supernatural elements and into the mysterious D-6. You fight a wide range of creatures and people from simple bandits to Nazis and fascists to the Librarians and bitches.

You can play upfront like a soldier or be a stealthy mofo, sneak and stealthy take out everyone. The AI reacts to their environment You can shoot out or turn off lights and the ai can either panic, stay calm and switch to a flashlight and night vision to try and take you out.

Last thing is that the game has a decent length at around 10 hours.

The Bad

The only thing that I can say is bad about this game is the semi slow start. People will complain that its unforgiving and difficult due to the game not holding your hand at any points but I think of it has a positive. I had to revert to the start of a level where I could purchase gas mask filters so that I wouldn't suffocate on the surface. Being quick but efficient is key to success in the game.

Overall the game is fantastic and just as good as the book its based on


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