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Jurassic World Trailer

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I saw the first movie in the cinema when I was about 10 or something, it was the most epic thing I had ever seen in all of my 10 years on the planet.


Movie 2 and 3 were ok, I did love the whole 'going back to the island' thing with all the dereliction and decayed buildings, because... well I do that shit all the time.


I have seen the above trailer and while I think I may go to see it and/or enjoy it, I know I will also feel let down. When I saw that the main plot will be about a genetically modified dino it lost its appeal for me. Having a modified dino basically turns the film into another King Kong, Godzilla or whatever other giant beasty film you can think of.


What I liked about the Jurassic Park franchise was how they played on what the giant beasts would actually do if they were around now. True that having a brand new dino gives creative room to play and endless possibilities, but it risks getting to silly IMO.


Film 1, 2 and 3 were far fetched, yet had an element of believability about them, I fear film 4 will end up being just silly.

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i think the genetically modified dino thing is a bit silly but plays on the public's current feeling about genetic modification, which is vague fear and misunderstanding. brings it a little closer to the heart. that being said, i love the fuck out of jurassic park from the book to the movies so i'm gonna see this

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