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Speedtest Thread

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14 hours ago, Iggy said:



My oldest boy was telling me about a new service being offered in limited areas google fiber advertising speeds upwards of 1000 mbps...not available in my area yet but looks like a possible option for me aside from comcast. With 4 days of rain with it brings 4 days of intermittent internet.

speed_zpsxdftgsku.png Smokin


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day 4 slow internet/it took over 30 minutes for this edit to post...fml


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OK then people...  Assuming I can bring this thread back to life again...


Here is my home internet...



And here is the connection to our dedicated server:




I will be honest here, I would kill for internet like that at home!!!!!!!

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6 hours ago, 002 said:

Currently getting this fantastic speed on my home Internet connection.

I see you're ready for some vanilla Halo PC multiplayer action.

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