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Rocket Hogs spawn first for race

An annoying trait of Halo PC race gametype, is that chain hogs spawn first, then ghosts, then rocket hogs.  Most race servers prefer only chain hogs and rocket hogs for race.  The first rocket hog spawns on entry of the 5th player, and on the 7th player to enter if ghosts are enabled.


I edited the maps global dependencies and swapped chain hogs and rocket hogs.  This means the first 4 vehicles to spawn in race will be rocket hogs first, then chain hogs. No other edits were done.


Note: these maps should be put into the servers map folder.


Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1croybcp6vsea5x/rh_spawns_first_maps.zip


maps included in the zip:










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Sorry for bit late reply... questions.

Does this include infinity map with players and vehicles spawn at two side bases instead of one. If not, can make one along with vehicle spawn modification?

And also does those stock map vehicles swap are possible in CE?

Thanks for those maps.

Cheers and happy holiday.



System specs: MSI Z390-A PRO with i7-8700K, 16GB RAM and Nvidia GTX 1080Ti

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Just based on the original post, you made a mistake. I thought I posted a reply but it must not have sent through back then;

You say most servers would want chain and rocket hogs for their servers, and the issue is that ghosts spawn in the middle of the two.

Your solution was to change the positions of the two hogs, leaving the ghost....still in the middle?

You swapped the chaingun hog for the rocket hog, So now it goes Rockets, Ghost, Chaingun? Isn't that still broken?

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