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Do not disturb

This script has the server use SAPP's admin system as a whitelist for players to join servers. It is targeted toward private servers and allows additional security against unwanted players in the case that the password to the server is leaked.

By default, it allows players 30 seconds to log in using SAPP's v2 admin system (during which they cannot play and optionally cannot chat), though you can have it kick players instantly instead. It will also ban players who have repeatedly rejoined too many times.

Admins can also temporarily allow players: lua_call donotdisturb AllowPlayer player_index minutes, unallow temporary players with lua_call donotdisturb UnallowPlayer player_index, and unallow all temporary players with lua_call donotdisturb UnallowAll even if they aren't logged in. I recommend you use custom commands to make it simpler. You can also disable this feature in the configuration.


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