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What it has been like to run Open Carnage

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That was a super sweet post, but... Over $1,000 on hosting? Shit man! That's some dedication and serious getting pulled over. :P


Anyway, you've built a site that I (a webmaster for many years) am jealous of. You've got a lot to be proud of! :)




(F5 to see my latest Steam status)

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Tucker, you're the big cheese, the grand pastrami, the deluxe delicatessan sandwich, the deep dish pizza, the...


Well, you're a bunch of food metaphors I don't want to get into, but what I'm saying is that you're a real human being, and a real hero.





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A large part of my childhood was shaped by forums like Halomods and Modhalo, for better or worse. Halomods made me into a rude asshole, while Modhalo seemed to extinguish that. I feel like I'm attached to you people, this forum, and a substantial amount of that attachment is from getting to know everyone. Whether it was from being overtly flamboyant in the chatroom (sorry), or just talking to each of you individually, I valued every second of it. I'll be honest and say, yeah, it might have been because I didn't have any friends near me to talk to. I don't think that diminishes it at all, though.


I also enjoyed helping to make the OC banner, and it was fun to see the change in direction every time someone contributed to it. We started with a dumb tagline, "The classiest forum on the internet", and some of the versions used cheesy photos of cool/classy looking people. I finally went with the "planet" because it reminded me of our place (on the internet?), which is that of a rogue planet, broken off from it's home star, drifting without any cares or worries. I don't remember who picked the font, but if pressed I could find out.


Being able to participate is all that matters to me here, not being an Administrator or a Moderator. Being in any position here really only fulfills a sense of duty and service, and I'm happy to contribute regardless of my place in the staff. I can tell you right now, I wouldn't trade this for anything, and being here with Tucker933 is amorously endearing.


( ˘ ³˘)♥

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