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Comprehensive SAPP Documentation (Rev. 2.4 - SAPP 10.1)

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12 hours ago, Tucker933 said:

I hadn't actually checked what all you've added in a while. It's incredible how much work you put into this.



Before, I was using Apple's Pages app to work on it. Pages is one of the best word processing applications I've ever used, but after one update, tables stopped fitting on the page properly.


Google Docs has matured enough to the point where I'm fine with using that. Also, people can view the document online or download the latest version in any of these formats:

  • .docx (tables are rendered a little funky and table headers have an extra newline)
  • .odt (tables are rendered a little funky and table headers have an extra newline)
  • .rtf (tables are rendered funky. some RTF editors like WordPad don't even render the pages correctly and the table of contents may be broken)
  • .pdf (this is the most problem-free document which is what I use for uploading offline copies of the documentation)
  • .txt (because some people's word processor is notepad.exe - destroys tables, separating the cells only with line breaks)
  • .html (table of contents isn't properly formatted and the page width is limited to what was on the document which looks funky on 1080p)
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