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World Conflict Thread

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Just got off the phone with my family in Mexico, near the Federal District (capital).


They're an emotional bunch but they told me people are starting to riot in the streets ever since the 20% gas price hike throughout Mexico. People are looting stores and breaking cars and burning them also. It's bad enough that they spent a good chunk of the family savings in food and water. Soldiers and police are on patrol and the only civvies outside, of course, are the looters and the protesters. 



The purchasing power of Mexicans has decreased by 11.1% during the tenure of the Peña Nieto government according to data on the minimum wage, inflation, and price indexes collected by the Center for Multidisciplinary Analysis of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).



PEMEX (Gov. oil company), the cartels (who siphon oil from pipes), and a highly bureaucratic and murderous government is making Mexicans pop off.






Trump's "wall" and taxes on remittances and strong curb (if he even does it...) on immigration will make Mexico pop like a cherry. 


Concrete jungle country, huh? Wow, how much do I love the U.S. with no need to deal with this crap. Hope my family gets wise and bails on the crap country ASAP.


EDIT-1: Found some footage. Doesn't seem too bad since most videos posted online are of looting.



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2 hours ago, ZION said:



Do the Russians always move nuclear missiles with the army? Why the hell do they have a pair of nuclear missiles for the Syrian war? "Deterrence"? Politics and machismo?


Simple, Ivan has been smart enough to just build systems and ignore treaties...unlike the US. The Iskander is nuclear "capable", but it also can be fitted with HE, Frag, Sub, NEP, EMP, and FAE payloads as well. We use to have the TLAM-A, BGM-109G GLCM, and the Pershing II, but did away with them in abiding by the IRNFT. Our answer to getting around the IRNFT? Placing 300 B61 intermediate-yield tactical nuclear weapons located at six forward deployed bases in Europe, one of which is located in Turkey. Now, mind you, B61 have to be deployed via aircraft, which was an environment that NATO thought they (read "US") would always dominate...until the S-300 and S-400 came onto the scene. 

So, to answer your question...yes, Ivan brings everything to the party. Before the 92' drawn down and 02' (and subsequent) force restructuring/transition(s), the US Military did as well.

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1st wave of Army tanks, other gear arrives in Germany


STUTTGART, Germany — The U.S. Army began unloading tanks and other weaponry in the German port of Bremerhaven Friday, marking the arrival of the first wave of gear that will support the rotation of an armored brigade in Europe.


Over the next several days, the equipment will be offloaded and moved by rail, commercial lines and convoy into staging sites in Poland.


The arrival of the military hardware and troops from the Fort Carson-based 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division marks the start of the first full-time presence of a tank brigade in Europe since the last armored units on the Continent were inactivated several years ago.


For U.S. Army Europe, the arrival of the heavy brigade is a culmination of a steady build up that commenced in the wake of Russia’s 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula, a move that sparked new security fears in Europe.


For U.S. European Command, increased troop rotations are aimed at reassuring nervous allies and sending a signal of deterrence to Russia. Moscow has blasted the plans as an unnecessary provocation.


While U.S. rotational forces have increased, there have been gaps in deployments during the past few years. Now, the plan is, once the 4th Infantry’s brigade of 3,500 troops completes its nine-month rotation, it will be immediately replaced by another brigade.


In all, the Fort Carson brigade will bring 87 tanks, 18 Paladins; 419 multi-purpose and 144 Bradley Fighting Vehicles; as well as some 2,000 additional vehicles and trailers.


Once the equipment is consolidated in training zones in Poland, troops will begin fanning out across the region for exercises with allies in the Baltics, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Germany.

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87 tanks, 18 Paladins; 419 multi-purpose and 144 Bradley Fighting Vehicles


Which will be parked in Poland, thus disseminating into Belarus, Ukraine, ect... putting these forces under the purview of Russian Western and Southern Military Districts, as this is their AO. So, a Heavy Armored Brigade Combat Team to stave off five Corps-level formations and a number of independent brigades, of which includes the very highly respected and elite Kantemirovskaya and Tamanskaya armored units. 


Now, don't get me wrong, 4th ID is a hell of a unit, but we're placing a sole heavy combat brigade, that's spent the past decade training and fighting in Iraq/Afghanistan against insurgent forces, into the backyard of the nation with the third largest military force and largest armored force on the planet. 

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We all get a good laugh out of the Norks and Lil' Kim, however...I'm sure we've all seen the "failed" Nork missile test. My advice to everyone, is do not assume this was a failure (or any Nork missile test for that matter). We have no idea what the Norks tested, but the best guess is altitude testing for avionics or like systems. 


Also, keep in mind while the Norks have limited power projection capabilities with land-based nukes, but they do possess SLBM and a sizable fleet of subs. One point to remember overall is that necessity is the mother of invention, which applies irregardless of an individuals or groups moral or political stance. Nuclear terrorism is a threat often overlooked.  All it would take to throw the US (and in turn the world) economy into a shambles, would be a small tactical warhead detonated somewhere like the Port of LA. Something small that was smuggled into the PRC and hidden aboard some container ship, this something the DPRK is more than capable of undertaking. 


Now, a nuclear strike by the Norks, be it a missile barrage or a subversive nuclear terrorist attack against the, US, UK, Japan, Australia, ect... is a small margin, but a margin none the less and as time goes by that margin can and most assuredly will increase as the rhetoric climbs ever higher. (Eventually you've got to shit or get off the pot)

What a very highly probable action is on the part of the Norks, is a military action against South Korea. Which could potentially involve nukes, weather they're missiles or man-portable devices. 


If, or rather when the day comes, the Norks will level most of South Korea's infrastructure. This is a rather well accepted event by the RoK and USFK, the Norks possess well over 8,000 artillery pieces, the majority of which sit in hardened placements, pre-sighted against targets in South Korea. We do not have the air or counter-battery assets in country or afloat to deal with that amount of fire, let alone at a time when airpower would be concentrated on hitting Nork C4I, nuclear sites, radar/SAM installations, and what does exist of the KPAAF (which isn't anything to snort at, they have enough credible combat aircraft to be a serious nuisance to air ops). 


Then factor in Nork invasion tunnels that RoK and USFK know exist, but can't locate (to date four have been unearth, with an estimated 16 others that have yet been located). Even if we lowball the Norks and say they only have eight tunnels, with a estimated capability of 30,000 troops per hour, that would put KPA 240,000 troopers into South Korean territory in the first hour and by hour four 960,000 KPA troops into South Korea.

It's also a very high probability when the ball goes rolling, the Norks will task their sizable fleet of Romeo and Whiskey class subs to create as much havoc on the shipping lanes as possible.  


Last, but not last the mine threat, on both land and sea is extensive. The Norks have massive stockpiles of sea and land mines that it has expressed  that it would be more than willing to use. 


The potential for serious collateral damage and human suffering here is immense.

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On 5/17/2017 at 11:59 AM, Solaris said:

Turkey seems to be stirring up a lot of shit lately.


EU warns Turkey after it violates Greek airspace 141 times in one day




The Turks are an embarrassment to NATO.




A mix of raw and news footage of AFP forces fighting terrorist forces in Marawi. Reports show that Abu Sayyaf has linked with Maute (ISIS) and the foreign fighters (terrorist mercenaries) in their siege on the city of Marawi and other attacks across the island of Mindanao. Abu Sayyaf has previously been supported and allied with the 14K Tirad out of Hong Kong.






International Red Cross is in the region, lending aid to wounded and the displaced refugees fleeing Marawi and other areas under siege by terrorist forces on the island. 

Current ISIS activities and actions as of 05/26/17:







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