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Hey from NerveBooger

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Been around a while, play as names Slap Happy, NerveBooger and recently H® Shaft.


Map modder/maker/scripter - I've done some very horrible things to Halo PC and CE, (and yes - that one you are thinking of, that was me. Guilty! but unapologetic as hell)


Was previously in Rated ® with Pepsi about the time of his FTW (first) mod, and during his second when he met and fell in love with (and fathered many wallmart shoppers) Tucker who he termed to be the "Meth addict carnival version of Jesus" :) - no offense Tucker, but . . . . shoe, fits, worn.


Lately ive done some more horrible things with Phasor: Taxi, pistol Entry, insult generator, Tea-bag lovin, etc . . and have had fun with it.


I am older, and a lot less of a programmer than many of you, so go easy on me, so if I say something stupid/ignorant;  just smile and nod and hand over your wallet.  I have my own brand of schdick and have done some pretty awesome, horrible, terrible stuff to halo.


So, that's me. You may now throw money, insults or unrolled nickles, I don't care.


I may lurk and poke about a bit . . . if you want or need somethin, xfire: nervebooger2012




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I can't think of a witty snap to welcome you, but I've been wanting to post this picture for a while and have come across no relevant context for it. So, here. I guess.







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