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Map Names: fogg.map, fogg_impossy.map
Release Date: 11-24-2013
Author: hexthat

Description: Cortana finds a new way to interface with reality.


No Map is Replaced

Use the map_name command to play. You may skip half the level by loading fogg_impossy. Play normal by loading map named fogg.

fogg.map (Single Player Only), fogg_impossy.map (required for scripts to run correctly in the map fogg, also requires the map fogg)



~Feedback Wanted~

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I made it compatible with low end pc, my netbook plays it better then some halo pc campain maps.


okay so in the fist halo when master chief and guilty spark are going about cortana thinks chief is lost so she hacks the halo and uses the peremiters to project these




to animate herself and try and find chief. she also finds a way to further improve it and makes a weapon.



here is a 3rd person pic i took with "skys the limit 2.0"



thats not really the story line but im high and it sounds good lol

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Interesting map. I played it through once on Halo Custom Edition and once on HaloMD, which my plugin had a bug that caused all windows to scream "GET IT OFF ME" me upon destruction (almost fell out of my seat the first time).

Anyways, there were a few spelling errors, but it was a good experience and quite fun, especially when having to plow through a jillion enemies on the impossible difficulty, even though I suck at playing Halo. It took me 3/4ths of the level to learn that the ordnance plasma pistol thingy had a secondary trigger.

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it was meh. Tunnel, room of enemies. Tunnel, room of different enemies. Tunnel, room of the first enemy again. Tunnel...you get the point. It was everything I hated about the library, shoved into a smaller map, but with 0 story at all. Just, oh, hey, you're an AI, and uh, can hold weapons, and....go....kill shit.


Idk, i'm a very plot-driven person, which is why I loved the original Halo so much.


On a lighter note, the fp arms were kinda cool

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