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Inigo Montoya

[Eternal WIP] OpenQuest!

It's a project I've been working on when I'm bored over the course of a few months. I do a bit, leave it be for weeks, come back and try to remember where I left off, good times.

It's still in an EXTREMELY early phase, 99% of gameplay is non-existent. I'm currently building an engine for the game to run off of, extremely basic as this engine may be.

The Concept!

An "open sourced" game that allows users to create content in a simple manner and share it with others. The source code will be open, the level format will be open, and the game comes packed with a content editor.

The Game!

A basic walk and kill stuff game. Monsters spawn randomly and move towards the character in center as the player steps. When one of the monsters collides, the battle screen is brought up and the player must go through a fight to continue on their way. Rare and powerful items drop, increasing the player's strength. Experience is earned, raising the character's level.

The Levels!

Can be made to any size. Each level contains the number of tiles present in the mapfile, whether or not those tiles can be traversed over, and then a listing of each tile in the map.

The level also contains a vertical/horizontal count, so that the game knows how many tiles are present. When the tiles are loaded the player is placed roughly near the upper left and can then traverse throughout the level as they please. Although it is advised to close off your map, basic limits prohibit the player from extending the viewing screen past the tiles. So a player may not vertically go above or beyond the limit. Currently a glitch in this allows the player to go horizontally across the limit, albeit slightly shifting them down one square. I may end up keeping this as it's kinda neat being able to walk all the way across and back again.

The Creator!

Allows for map creation and editing, character creation and editing, item creation and editing, and monster creation and editing.

Tiles can be selected from drop-downs or double clicked, then set to different tile-type. The "Walkable" limit applies to ALL tiles of that type, not that one location.

What works now?

Map loading in both the engine and creator, movement in both.

Engine Features

  • Collision detection (walkable)
  • Monster Spawning and Movement (glitched currently)

Editor Features

  • Tile setting
  • Collision setting
  • Character creation/editing

Currently, features like tile counts and horizontal/vertical limits are all hex edited into the mapfile. No editor function exists....yet!

Currently, the map loads all tiles and character images from inside where the Mapfile is located. These images must be named specific names to load properly (t1.png, t2.png, CHAR.png, ENEM.png, etc.)






Sorry, not even close to somewhat similar to passing for almost ready yet.

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