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Inigo Montoya


I felt like throwing something together. Nothing special, knocked it together in a few hours.
Screenshots of the Map


Some textures have been redone, others not. No major re-tooling. Just a once-over to tidy things up and get rid of some of the Halo-styled panels.

Weapons on Map


Battle rifle contains a CE model and accompanying bitmaps. Remainder of tags are made with PC tools, remodeling and retexturing.
Assault Rifle
Standard Assault rifle with Updated Model
Combat Rifle
Acts like a stock pistol, faster ROF less damage.


Fires faster, without zoom, and less damage. Cannot cause headshots.
Much smaller spread, longer range, more pellets. Less ammo, slower firing fate.
Sniper Rifle
Heavier Damage, slower ROF, half magazine capacity




Textures may have been taken from any site listed here, prior to editing.


Great thanks goes out to those sites for their collections of textures.

Credit for BR model are unknown. Apologies.

Credit for H2 styled sniper go to CallMeShef


Download contains .MAP file, place into your Halo's map folder. All required bitmaps are internalized.

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Nope. Im assuming it would balance out rather nice based on the numbers, but of course it's never that simple.

Plasma Cannon is the unique weapon. A direct shot will hurt, but also getting caught in the radius causes a brief stun where the player can't move.

Besides that it's mostly tightening spread and evening weapons out for the map.


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Would certainly like to see more custom weapons (in terms of their functionality), but that's the kind of work I tend to be most interested in anyway. =p

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