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Unfortunately the values for the DOBC reflexives in the SBSP are a mystery. In Kornman each one is labeled with a ?, so you'd be hard pressed to find what each value controls, especially without using the HEK to play around with it.

The DOBC in SBSP is structured as a reflexive, inside each reflexive are 4 more reflexives. Named Cells, Instances, Counts and Z-Reference Vectors.

Cells has 4 shorter edit-fields, and 3 longer ones. I assume that it'll have 4 of the same type of integer, and 3 of a different type.

Instances has 5 of the shorter edit fields

Counts has 1 of the shorter edit fields

Z-Reference Vectors has 4 edit fields even longer then the 2 in cells.

So it goes;

Count 4 short 3 Long

Instances 5 Short

Best of luck.


Are those values using Sparkys plugins? 

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