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Klipsch S4 Earphones

Okay so let me just write 2 words as a summary: GET THEM.


They're not very expensive, and only cost $50 on Amazon. Yeah, I know some of you hardcore people like to only wear on-ear and over-ear headphones, but sometimes you just need to wear earphones for things like running, commutes where you don't wanna look goofy as fuck, plane trips, etc. Actually, fuck you elitist bastards (if you are), these things are tiny and can be taken anywhere where you don't wanna carry around big headphones. 




Now, for the sound review. Mids and highs sound incredible in these headphones, lows sound perfect and balanced. Basically, if you wanna know how bass is suppose to sound, get these instead of any Monster headphone/earphone. They are perfectly balanced all across the board. They sound amazing. From electronic, metal, jazz, all the way to classical. These things reproduce the sound perfectly. 


They fit perfectly in my ears, and I can wear them for 12+ hours at a time without noticing anything. I don't even feel them in my head. Seriously. They also isolate all noise so yeah, you literally forget about shit that's going on around you. Which brings me to a con. 




You can literally lose yourself in the music. I missed a subway stop because I couldn't even hear anything but the music. It isolates like nothing else. I don't know if this is a con or a pro, but it made be lost a stop so I made it a con. 


Some of the ear tips don't fit some people's ears I read somewhere. I think you have to have really goofy ears for this to apply, but I would recommend buying these at a big box store like Radioshack or Bestbuy to try them out then return and buy from Amazon to save some money. Bestbuy: $70, Amazon: $50. 


Final notes:


Basically, they are perfect. I give them a 9.5/10. I know my sound, and I've gone through like 12-13 paris of earphones and more headphones. These things beat a lot of headphones. Yeah, even a few Sennheiser lose to these things. Give it a try. 


There's also a few versions. The S4A is for android phones, the S4i is for iPads and iPhones. They are a bit pricier but they come with a remote and microphone. I bought the S4A version which works just as well for the iPad and iPhone. I paid like $80. 


Runner up headphones I recommend: Sennheiser 890i. They are also good, but lose a little bit on the mids. Plus, they're a little pricer. 

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My Technica cans are accurate and I love them. I don't really like the S4 because while they are pretty decently flat, the soundstage is tiny. They also can't really be worn over ear. My current and favorite set are the GR06. Honestly, they're twice the price of the S4, so they're not really in the same price group. They're just a little bit punchy in the mids, but the soundstage is phenominal for the price. I really almost went for a pair of S4i's until I listened to both.



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