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Phoenix 3

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- the shotgun has TOO HIGH of a range i can shoot people across the map. this is self explanatory but the range of the normal shotgun is fine why did you ruin it in phoenix

- the pistol is too weak this completely RUINS the halo multiplayer experience that bugie perfected please bring back the normal pistol

- i know you guys have it so the tank and turret are only accurate whenever an admin uses it because whenever i use it i miss 80% of my shots in phoenix 3 yet 002 chance and all of the other admins kill me in 2 seconds. i rarely miss in bloodgulch and other maps so wtf? this is unbalanced and you need to either make it so all players have it or no players.

- you need to make the sniper rifle easier to reach i see 002 use the sniper rifle all of the time and he told me its under a rock but i cant find the rock

- the rocket launcher is impossible to get how am i supposed to fit under the pelican to reach it? did you forget that the player is TOO BIG to fit under the pelican and theres no other way in

- take out the donor perks like with 002 getting gold armor i dont wanna see halomd become pay2win. if i wanted pay2win then i'd play halo5

maybe if you did all of this your server would fill up more i like the map but it needs to be fixed soon

The "donor perks" are actually more like a curse than a perk, because having gold armor makes you stand out from everyone. I also added a challenge mode that anyone can turn on/off which increases health damage TAKEN by 25% as well as decreases loadout ammo by a random amount up to 50%. With both, I stand out AND I die faster, so it's more like pay2getscrewed than anything. I'm also the only person who has gold and silver armor, and I don't accept donations currently. I'd grant special colors to Regular+ on Open Carnage to anyone who wanted it, but it's such a hassle getting everyone's CD hashes and names with their 1000 alt codes that it's just not worth it.

The shotgun has poor range, and its only redeeming qualities are its decent damage, and shield draining. I don't know why so many people think the range is so high, because you can see the projectiles disintegrate in the air if they exceed their maximum range. If it had any lower range, then it'd never hit anything.


You shouldn't be having any issues with the scorpion aiming unless you're warping like crazy, because the shell from the cannon is nearly as fast as a carbine bullet, plus no-lead is enabled. As for the bubbler, the projectiles travel upwards as Carnage Bot announces out over and over, and the tracers on the projectiles are hard to miss.

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The download has been updated to reflect new changes made before the CE version was ported.


This includes several small balance changes to the Impaler, Carbine, and Nade Launcher. Many effects were improved, as well as sound effects. Lastly, the bug with the warthog horns becoming unresponsive if toggled an odd number of times (and left to sit) was fixed.

Oddly, this is familiar to you... as if from an old dream.          

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Due to much greater activity on the Custom Edition server, but low activity on the HaloMD / Halo PC server, I'll be shutting down the HaloMD server in one week at ~11:59 PM GMT. It had a good 2 years, 9 months.




Until then it will be maintained the same as before. It'll be manually taken offline, though I won't shut it down until the last player leaves. Enjoy its last week of being on HaloMD.

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