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Official Kerbal Space Program Thread

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So I'm considering buying KSP. Does anyone know of a good guide that I could follow to get started on the game?

sandbox mode, do some homegrown science. other than that, i'm sure there are very helpful forums and a wiki can't hurt

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So I'm considering buying KSP. Does anyone know of a good guide that I could follow to get started on the game?


Mess around a lot! Be super creative and make stupid stuff for fun.


Don't jump right into orbital mechanics/advanced design/super complicated planning, and give yourself time to settle into how the physics behave. Get a feel for how things work in a general sense, so it will be easier to do the hard stuff later on. If you need some inspiration, here's all my endeavors, in a summary: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/90507-Floofies-Project-Thread

This thread is a general container for all of my in-progress and past projects. If you see something you like, feel free to ask about it. Most of my designs are 100% modular and changeable mid-mission. If a module breaks down, it can be removed with minimal effort regardless of most situations. Each module has a drone controller on it, making most of them fully controllable even when separated from a command pod or other modules. All of my modules are cross-compatible, and if need be you could even construct 2 crafts out of 1 by strategically coupling different modules. The possibilities with these modular concepts are endless. Other projects not mentioned here are Duna rovers, tiny probes, and other not-really-notable things. I use rovers mostly to scout out landing sites for large crafts.

Misc. Screenshots:

Launching of a Misc. Fuel Tank Module, which is used in almost all of my projects: http://mars.933industries.com/miscfiles/KSP/2013-10-06_00003.jpg

Projects, In progress:

1. Interplanetary Fuel Depot - Duna (Screenshot)

More Screenshots:

Launching the Nuclear Engine Module: http://mars.933industries.com/miscfiles/KSP/2013-10-06_00004.jpg

In orbit around Kerbin. Pre-Launch to Duna: http://mars.933industries.com/miscfiles/KSP/2013-10-07_00002.jpg

From left to right, the modules are: Docking adapter & Primary RCS Hub. Misc Fuel Tank. Nuclear Engine Booster. Misc Fuel Tank. Backup Fuel Tank & Primary LFO Engine.

In orbit around Duna. Look to the upper right and you will see how little fuel was left: http://mars.933industries.com/miscfiles/KSP/2013-10-09_00002.png

The polar orbit. Pretty terrible, but I can adjust it later: http://mars.933industries.com/miscfiles/KSP/2013-10-09_00001.jpg

Detail shot of the Docking Adapter Module: http://mars.933industries.com/miscfiles/KSP/2013-10-09_00003.jpg

This fuel depot is designed to achieve Duna orbit, and act as a buffer for crafts leaving and entering orbit. It was built in orbit above Kerbin by launching each module separately, and it was then launched to Duna. The depot barely made it into stable orbit as it ran out of fuel, so I will have to dispatch a swarm of refueling drones to resupply it. It consists of a range of useful modules that I use in almost every project of mine.

2. Lunar Shuttle - Kerbin & Mun (Screenshot)

From left to right, the modules are: Command & RCS. Cargo Bay. Misc Fuel Tank. Nuclear Engine Module.

A shuttle of modest size, I designed it to make round trips from Kerbin to Mun. It is powered by a single Nuclear Engine Module, which is actually incredibly efficient. It was built in orbit around Kerbin by launching each module separately. It consists of my standard module system with a few modifications. The cargo bay module has a lander capsule on it just in case the Command/RCS module needs to be ditched to save fuel. I conducted a few test trips but I don't know if it will make the trip back to Kerbin with a full cargo bay.

3. Icarus Refueling Station - Kerbin (Screenshot)

More Screenshots:

The station witnessing a Munar eclipse: http://mars.933industries.com/miscfiles/KSP/2013-09-19_00001.jpg

Launching the Skirt Module: http://mars.933industries.com/miscfiles/KSP/2013-08-20_00002.jpg

Designing the Skirt Module. There is a cupola underneath the docking port (not on there in this shot) to facilitate accurate docking: http://mars.933industries.com/miscfiles/KSP/2013-08-20_00001.jpg

This is a fuel depot, plain and simple. It has a protective skirt on which the docking port is mounted. The protective skirt is designed to protect the entire depot from accidents during docking, such as pieces of debris breaking off, a craft going out of control, or a craft simply slipping past the docking port by mistake. I launched the skirt first as a primary hub, and then built the depot behind it while in orbit around Kerbin. I also fitted a basic poodle engine on the other end to make orbital adjustments when needed. The entire station consists of Misc Fuel Tank Modules and other modules. I routinely resupply it by retrofitting Misc Fuel Tank Modules to be single-use drones, with smaller docking necks.

4. CRIST Lunar Shuttle - Kerbin & Mun (Screenshot)

More Screenshots:

Launching the Main Cargo Bay/Engines: http://mars.933industries.com/miscfiles/KSP/byebye.png

Detail view while making orbit: http://mars.933industries.com/miscfiles/KSP/makingorbit.png

Launching the Command/RCS Module: http://mars.933industries.com/miscfiles/KSP/moduleview.png

Approaching the Main Cargo Bay/Engines with the Command/RCS Module: http://mars.933industries.com/miscfiles/KSP/approach.png

View of open Cargo Bay: http://mars.933industries.com/miscfiles/KSP/doors.png

A Kerbal in the Cargo Bay, for scale: http://mars.933industries.com/miscfiles/KSP/internalview.png and http://mars.933industries.com/miscfiles/KSP/sizeref.png

This massive transport is capable of moving most of my other modules into orbit around Mun. I built it in orbit (2 Modules, essentially) around Kerbin in very little time, but I have not tested it yet. It has 3 Nuclear Engines which were powerful enough to launch the entire behemoth (with boosters), make orbit, and make a few adjustments without running out of fuel. I'm currently busy resupplying it with more fuel/monopropellant, which will take awhile because it can hold a lot of LFO. I also used this craft to test out a new, smaller refueling drone (which proved to suck).

I named this ship after the Cargo and Resources In-System Transports (CRIST) Sol Orbiters. It's bulbous shape reminded me of the CRIST's descriptions of being "hollow, potato-shaped interplanetary spacecraft powered by solar sails".

Past Projects:

1. Moonbase Alpha (Terrible name, I know.) - Mun (Screenshot)

Moonbase Alpha was/is my first moon base, and first craft ever landed on Mun. It was mainly to test a lander design with a large solar panel sticking out of the top, which looked pretty cool to me. I had neglected to land anything else but a tiny rover before this, which is visible in the foreground of the screenshot. I used the rover to scout out a flat area to land other crafts. The baby rover broke it's solar panels, though :c

2. Thorpax Assembly Frame Test - Kerbin (Screenshot)

I built this as a concept design to accommodate my modular system, and test Dumb Module concepts. The idea behind this is to build a craft on it, and use it as a general support system to get things moving along quicker. In terms of testing Dumb Modules (Dumb Modules are modules with no drone controller/command pod attached, they just sit there!), I wanted to see if I could build structures in orbit without putting a drone controller on every module. I found I could do this by making a Construction Drone, which holds on to each part with either docking ports or decouplers, and maneuvers them where they need to go. In order to fully test this, I put structural frames (seen in screenshot) on a drone with decouplers, docked each frame, and then popped it's specific decoupler. The result is structural frames, built in orbit, with a lot less parts than a 100% controlled system. I hope to make a reusable Construction Drone by standardizing docking port grappling points on other parts. Of course, with the release of the Grappler Klaw stock part, this idea might be obsolete now.

3. Electron Probe - Kerbin (Screenshot)

This is another test of the Dumb Module concept. For this test, I designated a single module as the "Smart" module, and simply docked it with the Dumb Modules. The whole assembly was launched on one booster, then decoupled, and then docked together in 3 parts. The modules are: Command Module, Solar Module, and Engine Module. It really doesn't go anywhere because of the weight, but it was a very successful test for orbital construction of other crafts.

4. Utopia Planitia Assembly Frame - Kerbin (Screenshot)

This was the larger, older, bigger brother of the Thorpax Assembly Frame. I built this with Smart Module structural frames. Each of the frames has RCS tanks, a drone controller, and RCS blocks. Of course, this is an absolute waste of parts that completely killed my FPS. I couldn't even finish it because every time I got close I'd go down to about 10 < FPS. At least it looked cool.

I named this after the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards from Star Trek. The large size reminded me of it.

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mars knows what he's doing, listen to him. i usually just mess around with plane designs. my space expertise besides just knowing shit is more on the sci fi side

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