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Auderem, brought to you by Seb :3

hello guys,

in this topic i would like to introduce myself as new member of this guild,

so to start of here is some personal information :3


name: jasper

age: 16 

located: holland

come here by: seb.


so as you know that i would like to tell you guys something about the games i play nad how i am active in the gaming world.

so i do play on diffenent consoles such as ps3, pc, wii and i used to play on xbox360 as well. i do play close to all different genres allthough my favorite genre still is adventure-RPG combinations such as Skyrim and Red Dead Redemption,


also i do play some mmo´s such as tera and stuff


psn : mrwallify

wii: --

league of legends: suminggod

minecraft: auderem

youtube: blackteqstudios . officieelonzinkanaal . officieeljasper

Steam: jasperio (henkpietjan)


also i am studing some game design developement by making use of the free unity engine and modeling programs like blender, 3ds max and sketchup

i do scribt in C++ allthough i am not verry far in learning the language (as its called :3) so keep practising is my best solution.


i hoped you guys liked my introduction.

and my apologies for my grammar mistakes xD 





windows 7 ultimate

8gb ddr3 ram

4.2 gh 4core amd

HD radeon 7750

Asus M5A7 motherboard


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Welcome to the community! Looks like you will fit right in here.

Feel free to have a look around, and message me if you have any questions about what we have going here. =]

Oddly, this is familiar to you... as if from an old dream.          

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Welcome to OpenCarnage! It's good to have you around! *Tucker didn't say it so i felt obligated*

Edited by -OC- Seb

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