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Nostalgia Critic/That Guy With The Glasses

Anyone watch Nostalgia Critic, or any of the people on the That Guy With The Glasses website? They do satirical reviews, usually to some pretty crappy stuff. I watch him sometimes, but I watch Rap Critic and Todd in the Shadows more, since they review music.


Said site is at:


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I watch Nostalgia Critic all the time. His show is one of the best things to marathon on a lazy day.

I have to say... I do really like his hat.

Been wearing hats like that since 2005. Don't start thinking I got it from him!


"You fix my mistakes is what you do." - Tucker
"You're useless." - Tucker 2 minutes later

"You're sort of cool in some ways." - Kavawuvi


"Fuck off." - Mint Blitz

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