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Good action/shooter with mid-range requirements?

I'm about to make a Steam and I was wondering, what's a good mid-range shooter game, requirements-wise?


I have the following specs (Asus K55N-DS81):


AMD A8 4500M Quad-Core @ 1.9GHz

AMD Radeon HD 7640G 512MB VRAM



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On Steam



Blacklight Retribution (built-in wall hacks  :P )
Alliance in Valliant Arms (didn't work for me on steam, used Aeria Games)

Alienswarm (low population US servers, some jackasses, but surprisingly fun if you can find a server)

Microvolts (Anime 3rd person fast pace macro shooter)



Killing Floor (Best in a group with mics)

Loadout (fast pace 3rd person, customizeable weapons and character.)

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Not specifically steam games but:

Legions Overdrive- Free

FreeFall Tournament- Free

Quake Live-Free




Red Eclipse-Free


Halo 2 (multiplayer still up)


And when it's out and open you should totally buy:

Wolfenstein: The New Order

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