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Halo: Revolution

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Not bad at all. There's a lot of mods similar to this, but none that I can recall of this quality. However I'm not the biggest fan of that cliff texture on beaver, it doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the map.

Anyway, keep it up dude!

Oddly, this is familiar to you... as if from an old dream.          

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Sceny - I actually have talked to him since, and he's discontinued the project, so the UI will be where it's at indefinitely. That's the bummer about having it just 2 guys, just me for that stuff, when I really don't know much about UIs.


WaeV - thanks, I love the Nebula/Broken ring concept for a sky, just so much more...awe inspiring when you can see space instead of just the blue of atmosphere


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Alrighty, I've been working on a new spartan model that I was lucky enough to be given (shoutout to spartan717 and Jackrabbit), mainly updating its shader properties, and doing some texture tweaks to its diffuse and multipurpose maps to really bring it together.  Since the model itself isn't my work, I like to have at least something custom about everything brought into this mod - not only does it make it all come together better, but makes it as a whole more cohesive as a project.


*the cliffs were done second, so they're still the old ones in these biped pics.







Also, I see where you're coming from with the cliffs, and so I have a few cliff options to display in the interest of feedback on which ones you guys like to most.

Cliff type 1




Cliff type 2




Cliff type 3 (texture from Halo: Anniversary [CEA] Beavercreek map)




Lastly, a little update to the creek water itself, mainly to the custom cubemap that reflects the nebula in the sky.


Not to toot my own horn, but I really love the way this water turned out. Getting it here required a custom cubemap, new bump/normal maps, tweaking the swat tag, and increasing the flow speed *just* a tad.


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On a second look at this thread, I was going to comment on how the old MC visors look like crud, but the new models fixed that. Lookin' purdy.


Also, I gotta say: Dat Water. Tucker, can we copy that into Phoenix 2?


I like cliff texture #2 least. It's too knobbly like wood would be. In fact, they all look very busy and textured. I'm not sure how the effect looks in-game, but maybe a slightly more subdued texture would look good?


Also, what texture are you using for the screenshot that shows off the water? I'm guessing it's #3, which is my favorite cliff texture shown by a slight margin.

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Not a fan of this reticle:


What specifically? I dont particularly like the little hooks on the bottom, but i like the accuracy of it having the small circlet in the middle. 


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