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Raspberry Pi came in the mail. I just have to wait for my HDMI to VGA adapter so I can hook it up to my KVM. Not sure what I want to load onto it. I was thinking either Debian or Arch, but I also have this idea about XBMC. Choices...



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I wished a British retailer offered free 8gb ram with motherboards.

Even better than that, there is another US retailer, Microcenter, who is using Intel chips as a loss leader to get people into the brick and mortar stores. 3770k for $250. Unfortunately, I'd need to find someone who will give me a ride for the 70 miles it takes to get to either of the closest Microcenters.   :|

Actually scratch the mobo post, I'm getting the processor. My dad is in Kansas City right now, and they have a Microcenter.

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