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Going to be installing some PoE IP Cameras down the line. Ordered stuff on Tuckers recommendation since I'm not expecting it to arrive till the end of the year.
Quite the expensive gear for a first timer. Though I honestly don't think I can fuck it up too badly.........

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When first doing wiring I got a 5 pack of 25ft Cat 6 ethernet cable from microcenter, but every one of these from the 5 pack would eventually drop connection at 1gbps, so I had to manually set all my devices to 100mbps, so that the connection wouldn't drop out and auto-negotiate to 100mbps anyway.  I replaced the ethernet cable for my main desktop quite a while ago and haven't had any issues since, but I just got around to getting some Cat 6a for my 2nd desktop, hoping this will work.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077H4KPD7?th=1

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