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A new keyboard, and while I'm at it, a new mouse, too.


Simple, elegant and functional without all this RGB nonsense.
Also my first mechanical keyboard (Cherry MX-Brown). I don't know what I can expect but I only heard praise of those.


Be at rest my keyboard of the last decade. Of all the components from my first PC, you have endured the longest! :v

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Disiac, I am jelly.

And I have been nuts with the credit card recently. Bought side skirts for the Impreza, garage lights, and about 250$ in Harbor Freight to buy a bunch of bodywork tools/supplies.

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What's awesome is the press + a set of front control arm poly bushings for the Infiniti was cheaper than buying loaded control arms for the front. And I get parts at cost because my wife is the hnic of an oreilly autoparts. 


The thing paid for itself and I haven't even gotten to the 27 year old nissan or the lexus that also needs a refresh.




@Kru any advice on lighting? I really need to step up in that regard.

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If it flies, floats, or fucks, rent it.

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At some point I'm going to pick one up for the same reason. I can throw an engine together like its nothing at this point but I fucking dread having to do ball joints/bushings. 


As for lighting, I went with two of these guys:


i just got them in the mail though and havent had a chance to try them out, I'll throw up a before and after if I remember. I rent a "bay" in a barn so the lighting is absolutely terrible so anything is an improvement. Plus it is hard to beat for 50$ in all. 

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