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Steam got me with that 5 dollar steamlink sale

If it flies, floats, or fucks, rent it.

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So i'm managing to use all 16 gigs of ram to the point i crash, so i've had to "update' to windows 10 (Fuck me i'm not happy about this). My os WAS win 7 home premium (max of 16 gigs).    

I will replace my oldest 2 sticks of 4GB DDR3 with these:  




My speakers also shorted out recently (they were cheap 10 dollar speakers that i've used for 4 years now), so i decided to upgrade to something a little nicer than cheap ass 10 dollar logitechs. 





i also bought watch dogs 2 and stardew valley on steam's sale.

Who am I but myself?

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Kate Beaton's books Hark! A Vagrant & Step Aside Pops for my brother's Christmas gifts. She's one of the most irreverently hilarious comic artists I've ever come across.


If anyone has a spare tenner to kick in, her sister has cancer and is very close to her fundraising goal. I'm sure it would be appreciated, especially around this time of year.




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