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It's been a good run.  I managed to resist for so long.  I was going to compromise with myself and get a second Hybrid 980ti on eBay, but it turns out they sell for a few bucks more than normal air cooled models.  So I decided to sell my 980ti to offset the cost of a 1080ti.  In the end, depending on how much it goes for, I will have spent the same amount of money as I would getting a second GPU instead of a new one.  While I'm sure two 980tis in SLI would be better than two 270Xs were, I'd still much rather have a single card.


I was going to get some pictures of my 980ti and put it up for bid on EBay, but if anyone here wants it they could probably entice me to sell it to them for a fixed price.

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I bought a pet stair for my chihuahua because she cannot reach our couch if she wants to climb. My vet highly suggests using to use these pet stairs for household pets because it will reduce the strain on both pets and the owners.



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