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Pearl 2

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heheh. Something tells me that Testrun has so much going on behind the scenes that Pearl likely doesn't have the ability to account for. There's a metric ton of scripting there, which may have something to do with it.


Maybe Yusuke has something to say on the matter, but even if he could pinpoint exactly what the problem you're having stems from, I'm not entirely sure anything could be done about it with regards to Pearl2 conversion. AFAIK Pearl2 source code is not released publicly, so modifying it yourself would be quite the hassle - a hypothetical only relevant if you were able to accurately determine the source of the conflict.

I'd say try and contact Modzy here or on MGM, but if he's even as active as I am anymore (unlikely), he's likely not going to want to devote time working out some obscure issue with the program.


And then I read your edit. Maybe I should go re-read my apartment lease if I missed something this obvious in a forum post....


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Maybe Yusuke has something to say on the matter

I would ask him, but I don't want him talking to himself. People might get the wrong idea and think he's mentally ill. As for tons of scripts, a good portion of it is done through SAPP and not HSC.

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Nice to see this app still in use. I still lurk the forums and check every other day or so, so I'm pretty contactable if needed.

As for support, I still occasionally help out with certain hard conversions. However, I'd say the app itself is more or less unsupported (I no longer have RS software to compile it, however I do have a somewhat functional C++ version that is CLI).

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On 6/9/2013 at 4:50 AM, Modzy said:

Official Release

Pearl 2 is a total conversion application used for porting mods from Halo Demo to Halo Full/MD, or for converting CE maps to Halo Full/MD.

The following features apply:
*Converts Demo maps to Full/MD
*Converts CE maps to Full/MD
*Built-in MD support
*Converts protected maps
*Automatic Updating

Pearl is sticking to a simple UI:

Built-in HaloMD support allows you to select mods or maps to convert, and automatically add them to your HaloMD mods folder, complete with MDRenamer built-in:


CE Maps, even protected ones, convert:




This version of Pearl also includes automatic updating, so you will no longer need to check the forums for new versions. Pearl will prompt you in the event there is a new version.
**Windows beta does not include auto-updates.




This official release build will MUST be downloaded manually. Beta versions will not auto-update due to changes in Dropbox.


Download Pearl 2 Mac

Download Pearl 2 Windows Beta

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/614183/Pearl/Pearl 2.zip


says  file not found?

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