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[HTML/CSS/JS] JSDrop - some CSS and JS for custom select box arrows


"JSDrop is a small bit of javascript, as well as some css tricks in order to have custom drop down arrows cross-browser using css "content:" and data-* attributes."

Essentially, fixes problems with custom drop down select box arrows and whatnot.
Read the readme on the github page, its 1500 words in markdown and the forum doesn't do markdown ;P

Demo: http://codepen.io/Wi...mith/full/DobEJ


You have a form containing the select box you wish to have your custom styles on.
In this form, your select box is assigned a class, which will be selected in the JavaScript with document.querySelectorAll().
The select box has a wrapper, which does not require any specific class, but requires a data-content attribute. The class is recommended for styling purposes, but you could theoretically select it with .selectWrap[data-content].
(Note: this is automatically set to the first/default item in your drop down, however IE8 may not play nice without it being set.)


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