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It's great to have you, welcome to the site!

You have quite the in-depth introduction, we usually don't see enough of those. It really sounds like you'll fit in with the community here and the subjects we normally cover. Have a look around and don't be shy about jumping into discussions or sharing your work here!

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>You should show them your artwork

I think i designed that logo in your sig, dude. It is kinda shitty i guess? I think Veen turned it azure like that afterwards, or maybe you did? idk? Anyhow i'll find a way to show my stuff in due time.

@HighVirus: Thank you, furry-themed sistah. ¯‿¯

@Tucker: Hey yourself! Yeah, uh, i didn't know what to write. I mean, an introduction has to have some info about one person, right? I tried to think about what defines me as a person? I was getting pretty existential. : | (it was like 4 am too when i posted that, so blurgh)

Anyway coolio! I'll definitely do that, man! : ) See y'all around!


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