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Destructible Scenery

This tutorial was written by me, just on modhalo. I like sharing my knowledge, so this might help some people here too. Side note, these images are old, and grammatically terrifying. Grammar nazi's be cautious.

alright so destructible scenery might sound hard but its all about keeping everything organized.
This tutorial assumes you have at least a minimal understanding of creating scenery

things you'll need
-jms exporter if you dont have it get it, its by the ghost.
-3ds max/gmax

ok for this tutorial i used 3ds max, ill start off by creating a box.


alright for this tutorial im just using a box but you can create the scenery how you wish, just keeping it simple, if you like import the cyborg model and resize accordingly

next you want to texture it.


also you want to select all the faces then click clear smoothing groups(bottom right in the above picture under the sets of numbers 1-30 sumthin)

next create a sphere and name the sphere frame and attach it to the model as shown below


THERE you created your complete model, you want to export that as a jms into your data folders in haloceroot\data\scenery\'your scenery name'\models(make sure there are no spaces where it says your scenery name thats the name for your scenery)

now you want to repeat the above steps except make the same model look broken.-music as i get back to work-

i simply just took out a chuck but this could be a lot more complicated for you, but for tut reasons its going to be simple.


after that you want to export it again but instead of replacing name it ~destroyed.

thats it your done with 3ds max now yay.

ok so go to your root directory and go to your scenerys folder you should only have models, if you used custom bitmaps make a bitmap folder and drag them in there make sure there in .tif format.

your going to right click models and copy them and then paste it right back into the folder, then rename the folder 'models - copy' to 'physics'

now for tool

your going to open cmd as an administrator and type

tool model scenery\your scenery name then hit enter it should go through yada yada then you type
tool collision-geometry scenery\your scenery name alot of errors effect me here but you learn to adjust

for my example i used the name block so here

'tool model scenery\block
Couldn't read map file './toolbeta.map'
### bock.jms
### ~destroyed.jms

detail worst-case worst-case
level vertices triangles
--------- ---------- ----------
superlow 24 12
low 24 12
medium 24 12
high 24 12
superhigh 24 12

### created model 'scenery\block\block', remember to set the lod cutoffs'

which is a good outcome you might have degenerate triangles and other junk try to model clean guys organization is key for tool it hates stuff like that.

alright i got an error with my model apparently i have open edges :/ tools stupid but i used toolio so im prolly not going to have a collision but i can still explain.

there now you have your model and collision, you might have to fix the shaders but hey its done. note that tool compiled the two models into one.

now open guerilla.

go to file>open then find your model.collision geometry - COLLISION GEOMETRY!!

inside that you have a huge list of stuff ill try to make this easy.

at the top you have a thing that says 'indirect damage material' click the drop down box and select any available material.

next scroll down till you find a section labeled 'MATERIALS'.
the last text box is labeled body damage multiplyer, set that to '1'

then scroll down to regions and you'll see a list of tick boxes you want to tick the one that says, dies when object dies.

then finally you set how much damage you do till it dies, for scenery i feel that 50 is best but it depends on your taste. to set that scroll back up to the section 'BODY' and set the 'maximum body' vitality to what ever you like.

after that place it into a map then compile and test it

thats it, tell me if it helped, and tell me spots that i need to clear up.

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ill start off by creating a box.

Automatically a 10/10 tutorial, didn't even need to read anything after that.

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