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Worst Relationship

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1 hour ago, Finch said:

So you're saying if the girl looks like Megan Fox....but she's bat shit crazy.....you still wouldn't sleep with her? XD

You underestimate the power of crazy.

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19 minutes ago, Tucker933 said:

You underestimate the power of crazy.


That's.....very true. You know, when it came to breaking up with her....because my parents forced me to....and....we were only together because of sex. Her foster parents were done with her. She had no place to go. I got kicked out. So....her foster parents paid me 300 dollars to take her all the way to Arkansas and dump her off at her grandparents. She was the most hated girl I knew...because she was violent...and nuts.....but still very pretty.


I guess I was just into crazy bitches back than. Not anymore. I cant' make a living with someone like that in my life. Maybe if I were super rich. But who knows, she could have carved my face up like a pumpkin on Halloween.


So, I decided to follow my mother's advise about going to church and getting my life together. Didn't work out that way. Instead I met this girl and dated her for 3 months....thinking I could get laid. Didn't happen. She left me.


I went on to meet this really cute red head. She was a whore though. She was screwing other guys and I didn't care at the time.My kind of girl at the time. She had a buffet going on. I just cared about getting laid. Than I was dumb enough to ask for a relationship...and her answer was no. No commitment. I came out of it with full blown chlamydia which I carried for who knows how long. But I got it treated eventually. That would explain the really harsh soreness after sex and burning when I took a piss. 




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I think the craziest one was with this girl who flipped the fuck out because I tried to play footsie with her and she absolutely HATED people touching her feet. That and she had no personality what so ever. I don't have anything crazier than that though.

Grumpy UNIX and Cloud Administrator | 90's Boomer

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