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Maxell EB-IE In Ear Bud

When my last pair of ear buds were destroyed by the kittens, I was desperate for a replacement pair. I wanted the iFrogz as they are my favorite in-ear buds but they were not available at the local Walmart. I could have waited at least a week for the iFrogz to be shipped to me. In that time, no Skype, no Netflix, no music. So pretty much misery.

So, I settled for the Maxell EB-IE In Ear Buds. This was literally, all they had in stock. And, for only $5.00, never intended to be a permanent replacement for quality ear buds.

For $5.00, you can't really expect too much with quality, but so far, the Maxell EB-IE In Ear Buds are holding up to extremely heavy, almost non-stop use and even a little abuse. On several occasions, I've come back into my room to find them lying on the floor under my computer area and they're still working fine.


Nice slim design fits snugly into the ear canal, so the music is closer to the ear drum, providing an isolation effect against noise in the room. Literally, you can wear these things while listening to music and be sitting beside someone who is talking and not hear anything they're saying.

Vocal quality on Skype calls is actually amazing. Though, sometimes I have to turn the volume down so it's not too loud. The silicone tips on the ear buds seal out most noises so the other person's voice is always clear. Funny thing, usually the person on the other end of the Skype call can hear what's going on in my room or down the hall much better than me, as the sounds are being blocked out on my end.

Just as amazing to use when watching TV or movies on Netflix. as the sound quality is very good.

One of my favorite things to do is slip these ear buds in and fall asleep listening to music. Though, it's annoying as I can't roll over onto my side as the ear bud pokes me hard in the ear.

The sound quality of the music over these ear buds could be better, but it's acceptable. Nowhere near as good as other brands of in ear buds that I've used but they do the job.

Sometimes, the music comes across as loud. And, maybe that's because the ear buds sit so close to the ear drum rather than a defect. I have to keep my volume down to about half way. Also, I've noticed heavier bass in one ear bud and higher pitched sound in the other. That could just be the way my ears are picking up the music.


I've used the Maxell EB-IE In Ear Buds for working out doing yoga. They grip inside my ear canal and don't slip out, even when I change position. Not sure how these would be for a heavy work out such as jogging or running where the ears get sweaty. I'm just guessing they wouldn't be so good.

Very light weight ear buds which is good as I don't like anything heavy in my ears. The ear buds look huge. And, I was worried they wouldn't fit. But, actually they're the perfect size. Not too big, but a nice snug fit. Just the right size for an adult to wear. I don't have to struggle to get these into my ear canal. Though my daughter uses these ear buds too sometimes when playing Minecraft and seems to like them a lot.

The silicone tips are super soft and never rub inside my ear raw. That's a huge deal for me, especially since I'm wearing the ear buds all the time, sometimes up to eight hours a day or more.


For such a cheap product, I figured the silicone tips would be popping off every five minutes, which happened with almost every other ear bud set I've owned. But so far, they haven't dislodged once in over a week of heavy use. They come with back up tips, just in case you lose one or want to change the size.

The color is black with silver band, which is fine though not my choice. Not easy to locate in the dark. But it's a nice functional color.

Overall, a decent in ear bud and a lot of value for the money; but still there are a few things I wish they could have gotten right.

For instance, there is a little part up by the ear on one side, like a stem that instantly disconnects the first time you try to insert into ears. That piece provides stability for the ear bud like a stem so it's easy to insert and helps it stay in the ear better. Without it, the ear bud tends to go limp and fall over when you try to insert. I owned another pair of these awhile back and it did the exact same thing on those too. So apparently, it's not an isolated incident.


You can easily reinsert the stem into the socket under the ear bud and make it work. It's not broken. But it's very annoying fixing it ten times a day. I'm sure a dab of glue would fix the problem permanently.

The wires leading to the ear buds are very thin, so they're likely to fray or snap easily with heavy use or if you catch them in a drawer. Though that's actually been true with most in ear buds that I've used, not just Maxell.

Over all, I'm fairly pleased with my purchase so far. I still plan to get a much better pair of ear buds for music and Skype, maybe something with a built in microphone. But for now, I feel like I got way more than my money's worth.
Available online or at the local Walmart.

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Nice review. Glad to see that you like them while they are cheap.

Although, you look like you're going to cry.

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