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Last Show or Movie You Saw

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I may a bit biased because I'm a huge anime fan, but I'll say here what I told my older brothers. The movie has kinda choppy writing, yes, but it also incredible production values and, in particular, its action choreography is just jaw-dropping. It is a very similar to TRON:Legacy, which is one of my personal favorite movies. The action scenes are all exhilarating.


8/10. Great watch.



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I must admit that Black Sails pleasantly surprised me. A lot. I will say however that I forced myself to read the classic adventure novel, Treasure Island, prior to watching it because this 4-season Starz series acts as a prequel. Having nearly finished this series I can safely say that I highly recommend reading (or re-reading) that book if you plan to watch this show. Even if you have to force yourself a little bit. Knowing which characters are fictional (Israel Hands, Billy Bones, Long Jon Silver, or Captain Flint) and which ones are historical (Captain Rackham, Captain Vane, Captain Edward Teach) and how they interact with each other and become the characters we know in Treasure Island makes the story so much more meaningful. In particular, the performance by Captain Flint was ridiculous in how great it was executed.


You can watch the entire thing on Hulu or Starz. I'd give this show a solid 8/10.



Edit: Just a quick update now that I've actually finished the damned thing. I thought the ending was a little rushed/weak. But the journey is still worth it in my opinion. My rating has not changed.



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