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Hey everyone From MrToxicCodes

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You are the one who came here half-cocked and arrogant. We all welcomed you to the site, it's your decision to stay or leave; however, if you do decide to stay, leave the nearly incandescent cockiness where you found us.

Have a good day.

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My name is MrToxicCodes im a very succesful webmaster.

I own 2-3 websites. All succesfull lol this guy isn't sure how many websites he owns

I can provide the following skill and help other's

I am a graphic designer. Not everyone likes my work (fonts i used). Im not here to please everyone, only the people who buy from me.

I can provide legit ways to help your website with traffic.

Welcome to Open Carnage, the Internet and... life.

Well fuck your site then. If you all gonna be dick heads.

You had the chance to correct a mistake you had made after Tucker had posted. You decided to be a little prick about the situation. You could have easily replied 'haha, I'm not trying to advertise. Just gloating a bit <insertsmilefacehere>', but no... You decided to insult members because members were wise of what you were trying to do. How are people suppose to take you seriously if curse those who are wise to your plans? It was a douche move joining this site (or any site for that matter), if your only intentions are to make a bit of money. You can't expect 'webmasters' of those sites you join to be happy with your offer of graphics or additional web traffic, especially when you're offering it as a service.

and you all acting like your the best and kings

Oh yea, because we totally go to others forums, gloat about our achievements, then act like an egotistically, elitist child because something hasn't gone our way. You're the one whose come here with high hopes of exploiting others for money, in return for services that friendly members of Open Carnage could and would offer for free if asked. Its obvious to me that you have no idea how to act around others, or to act in situations that don't go your way.

your all lame ass people who needs life

This coming from the person who relies on the internet for money. You must dedicate a lot of time to running 2-3 successful sites, that you're not 100% sure you actually run. I honestly doubt they'd be as 'successful' without a large amount of time invested into them, especially with all the english mistakes you've made throughout this thread.

One thing i really love is 'life' insults. Its like you have nothing better to say.

You have a decision to make now, you can either report your replies, modify the OP, apologies to Tucker and start again or continue acting like a immature brat. At the end of the day, i doubt anyone here would care if you were here or not. All you've done is act like a douche.

Have a good day. HI STARS :D


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