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Let me tell you a story

So ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to my story telling. Come sit down on the rug, and take off your damn shoes, I don't know where you've been.

One sunny day I spy a girl walking down the street and I go talk to her.

And we hit it off!

We talked about lots of random crazy things. Like KFC

she liked talking about her Corgi

And I said "Do you like to play with Balls".

I meant Billiards.

So I asked if she'd like to go to dinner and she agreed.

I could tell she liked meat. I asked if she'd like to go back to my place, and then she totally agreed.

We had a night of fun biggrin.png

Nine months later she calls me.

She has some news.

My new residents of the apartment I lived in have some news for her.

Nobody here by that name. smile.png

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Now they know why they fear the Perfection. Now they know why they're afraid of the Dark.


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