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Super Campaign Refined

Super Campaign Refined (SCR) is my one man project to improve and refine gameplay elements in Halo 1 campaign. It looks like Halo, feels like Halo, but the gameplay has new exciting stuff with the old familiar stuff.

I actually try to make this mod original and well balanced within the new sandbox I have created. Borrowed tags are minimal.

So the mod itself is based on alternative storyline where humans figured out a way to cheaply mass-product MJOLNIR armors and then added soldier AI into each one of them. The result: army of tough robot warriors to actually fair well against The Covenant on ground battles. They were named Super Spartans (SS). Spartans because of the same armor and Super because they can take loads of damage before perishing. A lot of Super Spartans were aboard Pillar of Autumn when it fled Reach.

So your allies in addition to marines and crewmen are Super Spartans and also ODSTs. Like mentioned above, SS can actually take damage and survive in battle unlike normal fodder marines who get annihilated on Legendary. They also have custom combat dialog made by using voice synthesizer, a fitting voice for a robot.

The Covenant now has additional ranks besides the normal minor-major system. There is those introduced in later Halo games like Elite Ultra, Grunt Ultra and Grunt Heavy. There is also completely new ranks like Jackal Ultra, Jackal SpecOps, Grunt Commander and new Hunter variants. Also, I think I am the first one to make use of Skirmishers in a mod, first in Lacadaemon and now improved versions here.

The Flood was quite boring in Halo 1, only infection, carrier and two types of combat form. With my mod I add Flood Champions, mutated combat forms whose skin get covered in blue substance, Flood Transports, mutated carrier forms that might have something else than infection forms inside, Shielded Elite Combat Forms and Flood Protoforms. Protoforms are made out of pure flood biomass like Pure Forms, but they are still incomplete and need an exoskeleton, like the armor of dead hunter or super spartan...

But of course all default AI is still in the mod, some with slight graphical changes though. Jackal Majors now have red shields to help distinguish them from Minors. Sentinel Majors are colored gold and their beams blue/white. Stealth Flood have parts of Stealth Elite armor still on.

Here is some pictures of new AI:





And the new Protoform bitmaps in comparison to uninfected variants:




Maps pretty much look the same as normal, they are not reskinned. This mod is supposed to look like original Halo 1. Some ambient changes are there like HEV pods and most notably the atmosphere of Library being infested with flood spores.

Next is the weapons. All default weapons are persent and unchanged. However, new weapons are also in. Assault SMG is tactical, silenced automatic weapon with a scope. Killer is high-power pistol. White Death is alternative sniper rifle. Mini-MAC is small portable MAC with huge recoil. Beam Pistol is sniper-ish Covenant handgun. Plasma SMG (name probably changes) is yellow plasma rifle that obliterates shields but does poor against armor. Antimatter Gun (AM-gun for short) utilizes the same homing needles as needler, but they contain small amounts of antimatter to cause devastating damage. Silenced SMG, the ODST favorite, is also included.

Here is videos of all the custom weapons:





(is nerfed after video was made: less dmg and 50% clip size)


















Borrowed tags are:
Jackal sniper model that was reskinned and -shadered for my Skirmisher biped by DMT.
Assault SMG model, animations and bitmaps by doompig444.
Elite Expert model by sphinxbio.
Armored Elite model by Koo and Lone Warrior
ODST biped by Spartan-094

So, any opinions or questions? I am also taking name suggestions for the Plasma SMG.


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These are pretty great, I'm really liking your new MC skin with the camo on it. Keep it up =]

Oddly, this is familiar to you... as if from an old dream.  


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Oh, those are infected versions xD shows how much I actually read.

Oddly, this is familiar to you... as if from an old dream.  


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Oh hey dude, nice AI skins! Is that an infected master chief? Also I'm digging the flood elites with different colored armor.

Flood using Spartan armor, yes.

Also, I have decided to change Plasma SMG's name to Plasma Storm.


And now I made the Skirmisher Commando AI use hologram armor abilty independently. I really like it.

Edited by porottaja

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If I still modded I would of replaced the spartans head with an infection form for you to use. Not that I was playing Dead Space recently.

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