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Account Settings

Member Titles: Custom member titles (displayed next to posts above avatar) can be set from your Edit Profile page if you have a post count of at least 50.

Name Changes: Username changes can be made once a month from your Account Settings if you have a post count of at least 100.

Animated Avatars: These can only be accomplished by uploading a gif no larger than 150x150 pixels, as that is our size restriction. Anything larger is automatically resized, and unfortunately doesn't retain animation.


Administrator: Senior staff role with full site privileges and generally tasked with keeping the forum running smoothly.

Manager: Staff role as a moderator with extra duties, of which are generally raffle-related.

Moderator: A staff role able to lock/pin/edit/delete user content, and hand out Warning Points for heavier action (described below).

Regular: Those deemed to be active and mature enough by the the current Regulars and higher. Aside from recognition, promotion to this group also grants donor perks and access to the private Bored Room.

Member: Primary group for those that have already posted at any point on the forum.

Lurkers: Those that've registered on the forum but haven't yet posted, and as a result have many restricted permissions.


Warning Points
These points are distributed by our staff as verbal warnings to problematic individuals, however the entire staff will be notified of each warning and why they were given, so the individual is put under extra scrutiny.
3 Points: Staff review of your content for 3 days, which means your new posts do not go public until a staff member approves of each individually.
4 Points: Suspended posting abilities for 7 days.
5 Points: Indefinite ban.
Each point expires after 30 days, but actions are automatically taken if someone manages to accumulate more than two at a time. Points and their reasonings are only displayed to you and the staff; they are not public.
Your question wasn't answered here?

Oddly, this is familiar to you... as if from an old dream.  


Guide to Balanced Gameplay

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Member ranks have now been added, let me know your opinions. Check OP

Not a fan tbh. The stars are pretty huge and seem out of place. But like many things, I'll get used to em eventually.

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Ranks and emblems always seemed exclusionary to me. Their only real purpose is to separate people into groups. They make perfect sense in organizations like the military, where you need to know who has the authority to make decisions on different matters. In a group this size, you don't need ranks to know that MMM is good at fixing computers - we just know it, you know?

As a "just for fun" thing, they're alright. But as long as you base the rank-giving on some sort of metric other than aesthetic, you're separating people. Soon new members coming in will think that the people with the shiniest emblems are the role models of the community, and at its most extreme you end up with an emblem-ocracy where ranks and prizes are valued more highly than just being chill.

We're small enough of a forum that this is probably moot, but I think emblems caused more problems than they solved at HaloMods. Also, ranks based on post count are more harmless than ones based on "merit". The ranks/emblems at ModHalo are pretty tame.

Now that that's off my chest... =P Aesthetically I'm not a fan either. They still seem too big and attention-grabbing.

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