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Food Thread

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Made pretzels from scratch today for the shop. Yeah, they're pretty wonderful. Also made some white chili - and if you've never tasted white chili, shame on you. >:/

i want to be you

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We need more food up in here!

I had another whole chicken yesterday, then went to a diner with someone and had a great ham, egg, and cheese melt with some truffle fries with some Parmesan sprinkled on top. Truffle fries are the greatest things ever.

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Wow, that looks fantastic.

Mine were from Cinnabon, though I can't imagine a better taste that theirs lol

That's what I'm working on and why I've made so many batches last month. I'm pretty sure I'm close to having an overall better taste and consistency than theirs. My problem is that mine are absolutely amazing after their initial baking, but then reheating them the outside couple layers are dried out. The other thing I have to work on is consistency in size.

I also think Cinnabon double glazes their, which is why there's always a pool of sticky cinnamon on the bottom. I don't have a cinnabon in my area to see for myself, though Burger King does sell them now but I really don't think it's gonna be the same as an actual Cinnabon store. Next time I make a trip to see my parents I'm gonna have to get one. I want mine to be better than theirs.

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56k warning lol

I didn't take this first one


They call me.....Shrimpfingers.


Burger at my old restaurant


Another burger at my old restaurant


Coworker made these miniature kabobs at my current job last summer


This is my work


Sandwich I made (Be jealous Wolfy)


Another sandwich I made with carving board thick ham


While we're on the topic of food, here's something I drew (I have about 5 of these plant guys now.


Burger idea




Behemoth that I made


We were grilling these up at our store last summer


I bought a Petite Top Sirloin steak (top sirloin is tender, right around the Top Round, Chuck Eye, and Filet Mignon on the cow. Anyway, this steak was frozen immediately, and let sit in the freezer for only 10 days. If it's never been frozen before, you're able to store meats and things like this for months. This steak only cost $6.50, but I felt like I lost a child when I opened it up, the reddish color had faded, and it smelled semi-rotten. We will forever remember this day as the day PD lost 2 pounds of beef to his freezer. That bastard.


And finally, what post is complete without a picture of bacon??


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Now they know why they fear the Perfection. Now they know why they're afraid of the Dark.


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