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What's it do?

Basically, it allows you to set up network restrictions on your computer, kinda like router QOS. However, instead of limiting the usage of computers on your network, it limits the usage of processes on your computer.

Practical Uses

I started looking for something like this after, at some point, Steam decided not to play fair with other programs on my computer (or network, for that matter). I'd either suddenly encounter pages loading VERY slowly, or hear someone yelling down the hall that I was eating up all the bandwidth. Sure enough, I'd switch apps, and see Steam maxing out my connection. This program allows me to cap Steam off a few hundred KB/s shy of my max connection speed, making sure that, so long as nothing else huge is downloading, no one notices any slowdown.

Free v Paid

Paid has more power user options and you can activate more than three program rules at once. I use neither. It's up to your usage of the program.



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