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Julie loved her dog until it humped her leg vigorously. In a respective manner she told her dad that he needed to join spess mehreens, to enforce the Emperor's will. The Imperium was suspicious about the ponies robbing wal*marts mercilessly using a regiment of AT-ATs.Julie decided that in order to get away with robbing her brother's slippery dildo collection she would become an hero. Now, as a ghost, she wanted to look her best because she wanted to haunt the big red leader, who was standing by. before she could, however, she was kidnapped by some mad cows, and was held for a ransom of human blood. Aghast, her father did holler at his nigga to buy him some nigga ; however, little did he realize that he was broke. so his male lover decided that he would pimp him out ...his first customer was the Queen of England who slowly began heating an embarrassing brand of tampons in her urinal. The tampons were a... nonexistent brand that disintegrated within range of the Death Star. The Death Star, although large, it had a small training session in gorilla warfare.


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