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HTC Evo 3D (CDMA - Sprint)

This is my first Android phone, ever. I got this as a $50 upgrade from Sprint. The reason I will try not to critique the service is because I never truly got to take advantage of the network. Dayton is a dead zone for 4G and the 3G is a joke. After having the phone unrooted for months (stock), I decided to root it for tethering.

The HTC Evo 3D is similar to the Evo 4G Design released from Sprint, except sporting a 3D camera and a little bit different hardware.


If you wish to see the full specs, go here: GSMArena

-Responsive screen.
-Can play most games that aren't rated for the Tegra CPU/GPU's
-4.3 inch screen is a decent size and the phone isn't too bulky.
-Lightweight. Without my case, it's a little under a pound.
-Dual core CPU
-8GB of storage
-Great for WiFi
-Decent sound quality without equalizer

-The 3D mode makes me feel like I'm having flashbacks of holographic pokemon cards. You may want to bleach your eyes. The tin casing around the camera chasis is also weak and fragile.

-For rooted users, there's barely any ROMs worth a damn. I lived in the outskirts of town where my 3G was all I had for internet service, and finding a ROM that supported tethering was a pain in the arse. The only one that had working tethering capability was probably Cyanogen 7.1 Alpha. If you're not looking to tether, Cyanogen and MIUI are great ROMs.

-Again, for rooted users. If you don't install a ROM, don't plan on updating to ICS. I cannot for the life of me figure out why it won't upgrade to Android 4.0. Even regular system patches won't download from HTC.

-Battery life. The battery life on this phone with data turned on will probably last you about 4 hours tops with constant usage. Plan on investing in an extended battery or using data on WiFi.

-The cheap USB charging cord. This cord didn't even last me a week before the head of the microUSB adapter bent and broke. It wasn't because of the typical, "I tripped over the cord and it broke" scenario, it just happened to be laying in a position where the microUSB adapter was bending by the pressure of the cord pulling on it when it sits on my nightstand.

-Look into a screen protector. Smudges are the most annoying thing to me, and it seems that this phone is a magnet for it. Invest in a screen protector that doesn't smudge if you have the same OCD I do.

-Tethering doesn't work out of the box. Of course, with Sprint's new data plans, they've restricted the usage of tethering unless you pay for one of their tiered plans. For me, I grandfathered an unlimited plan and was unable to use the tethering feature unless I decided to update my contract to the new tiered plans. (Sorry Sprint, wasn't happening.) Also, if you do somehow get tethering to work, don't plan on running tether and expecting it to work while someone is calling. It's EXACTLY like 56K (nostalgia of the 90s).

In Short:
I would recommend this phone as long as you didn't tether, want to use 3D, or run up your battery just by using it normally. This is a great phone if all you're doing is making calls and playing with apps. You might as well just get a cheap Android MP3 player or tablet for this.

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Very comprehensive review. I don't use cell phones but I found it informative none the less, I'll pretend I know something next time someone talks about phones lol

Oddly, this is familiar to you... as if from an old dream.          

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How is it at being an actual phone?

It's decent. I can make crystal clear calls without dropping like it was in NC. That all depends on the location though.

System Administrator (Well Rounded) | AWS | Azure | Microsoft 365

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Very similar to mine.

LG Thrill 3D.

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