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4 hours ago, Tucker933 said:

I've been back to War Thunder with @Badga666 lately ...but he kind of really sucks at the game.


@Tucker933 the correct phrase is: "Tucker is a god at War Thunder" 



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"It's massive. Probably hard to tell from the picture.                                 "If you're up for it. You've done it before, right?"           

But it broke so now I'm using a puny one..." - ShikuTeshi 2017                                                                          -Tucker933 2017

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Been playing Splitgate recently. The Halo + Portal game. Thinking about putting out a review for it. If anyone wants to play with, hit me up.

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"You fix my mistakes is what you do." - Tucker
"You're useless." - Tucker 2 minutes later

"You're sort of cool in some ways." - Kavawuvi


"Fuck off." - Mint Blitz

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I've been checking out some Half-Life 2 mods recently.


Currently MINERVA or as I like to call it 'Half-Life 2: The Silent Cartographer'.


Followed by a lot of cool underground stuff (haven't finished it yet)

It even got you some AI partner that keeps nagging you! :v


Another mod I can recommend: Entropy : Zero
A short campaign where you play a Metrocop. Although it's kinda tough/ unpolished at the end.

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