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  1. ASSAULT RIFLE MA5D Here is the assault rifle from Halo 5, I did this three years ago, just made a few small tweaks for this first public version. New Animations LODs Model Optimization New Shaders Optimized Textures New Muzzle Flash New Casing Effect New Sounds Note: Not Include HUD, all shaders are vanilla (not OpenSauce), random animations are vía Lua scripting. - - - Installation: Extract the Zip file in your tags directory. The weapon is in this route: tags\keymind\halo_5\weapons\rifle\assault_rifle Permissions: You are free to repurpose and use this mod in any way you want, only give the proper credit. Credits: -343i: Assault rifle model and textures -ReclaimerOmega: Model work, asset port, animations, shaders, sounds, effects. -Keymind Dev Team: BSP and character and HUD for the pictures. -Gravemind: Adjutant -MosesOfEgypt: MEK (Mo's Editing Kit) Please give me feedback if you want.
  2. SMG H2A for Halo CE Made by: iMonse 0w0 & iMaid 0w0 Screenshots: Video: Download:
  3. MA40 For Halo CE Autor: iMonse 0w0, iMaid 0w0 Test:
  4. Sidekick Pistol Halo Infinite For Halo CE Autor: iMonse 0w0, iMaid 0w0 Credit: Mark Mc'Fuzz. //Model Animation. Video Test:
  5. VK78 Commando from Halo Infinite, ported to Halo CE Made by: iMonse 0w0 & iMaid 0w0 Screenshots: Video: Link: vk78_tags.7z
  6. Halo online - Magnum Variants For Halo CE Autor: iMonse 0w0, iMaid 0w0 Credits -343 demonstration video: second download option:
  7. Halo online - Assault Riffle Variants For Halo CE Autor: iMonse 0w0, iMaid 0w0 Credits -343 second alternative download: demonstration:
  8. I've been making a bunch of custom weapons, trying to find things that would be somewhat unique in the sandbox and make things that fully fit into the CE style. I just came up with this. It's a burst fire machine pistol, whose visual style came from a fusion of the halo SMG and the ruger MP9. I was going to wait until I finished my full set of weapons and upload them all, but when I posted a demo of this on the Reclaimers discord server, a lot of people seemed to like it, so I figured I'd release it now. For those interested in how it was made, the lower half is an altered form of the ruger mp9's grip and magazine, just kind of manipulated the mesh a bit until it fit better with the rest of it.. The top half is from the H2 SMG model. I heavily modified the mesh there, the barrel, the sights, the body, etc until it fit. I bascially changed things both to fit the lower part of the mesh, and to make it look distinct enough from the SMG that it doesn't look like a copy, but similar enough that it fits the halo art style. For the top half, Instead of the Halo 2 or halo 3 smg texture I went with a slightly modified version of the CE+ smg texture, since I think it fits a bit better with CE's aesthetic. I think I packed in all the non-stock tags that it needs, but let me know if it's missing anything. EDIT: it was missing some, I added more. EDIT2: fixed one directory error. It is complete now.
  9. S7 Sniper Halo Infinite For Halo CE Autor: iMonse 0w0, iMaid 0w0 Credits -343 -ReclaimerOmega
  10. BR75 Halo Infinite For Halo CE Autor: iMonse 0w0, iMaid 0w0 Credits -343
  11. Halo Infinite Sidekick ported to Halo Custom Edition [rev]\weapons\sidekick_tactical\pistol.weapon Autor: iMonse 0w0, iMaid 0w0 credits: Cmt, 343
  12. Hello, fellow earthlings I am working on porting cyborg animations to the marine skeletal structure my 1st time in contributing something to the modding community I will be releasing these animations regularly for now I have just put flamethrower animations, also if you have old cmt chaingun rename the lable to cg so when marines use it they have recoil animations though the flamethrower does not have any because it looks tacky. Anyway guys have fun . EDIT: I forgot to mention it's based off of SOI animation graph (hi SOI!) that he has made for the marines which further pushed my curiosity into doing this project and these marines also have melee animations and i would reccomend that you make the melee distance when in the melee and beserk part of the actor variant to 0.6 or 0.8 and make the cutoff distance to 1 I changed the rifle melee to be a rifle butt for marines and you may want to give the marine biped their own custom melee effect that has a radius of 0.2 - I know what the ladiez like. marine__flame_thrower_animations.rar
  13. This is my first custom weapon for Halo Custom Edition. Other than the first and third person model, it's basically a pistol reskin and depends on the default pistol tagset. Good news is it already has a separate weapon tag and thus the pistol and it can exist in the same place at the same time. I've also included a map file for those who don't have the time, resources, or just prefer not to compile their own. I want to thank the members of the Halo Archive server for motivating me to do this, General_101 as well as other members of CE Reclaimers greatly for helping me every step of the way in porting it to Custom Edition and putting up with my several pings a day, and Daldott for helping me test it out in mcc multiplayer and providing the third person screenshots you see here. tutoritest.rar
  14. HALO COMBAT EVOLVED ANNIVERSARY SHOTGUN Colocar en tu carpeta de tags Ruta: weapons\shotgun\shotgun Reemplaza la ruta original de la escopeta Put in your tags folder root: weapons\shotgun\shotgun It replaces the original root of the shotgun Mega: Mediafire: Modified and uploaded By: Reus Credits Kinnet: Model and lights Stock (Original tags): Animations Rododo: Effects Masterchief117: HUD CEA and CEA Sounds Shadowmods: Cubemaps and bitmaps Zteam and CMT: Some effects Video:
  15. HALO REACH SNIPER RIFLE Spanish (Español) Colocar en tu carpeta de tags Ruta: weapons\sniper rifle\sniper rifle Reemplaza la ruta original del rifle de asalto English (Inglés) Put in your tags folder root: weapons\sniper rifle\sniper rifle It replaces the original root of the assault rifle Download links Mega: Mediafire: Credits Altheros: Model MMT: Animations Rododo: Effects and sounds HUD CEA Base: Masterchief117 Shadowmods: Cubemaps and bitmaps Zteam and CMT: Some effects Video:
  16. HALO REACH ASSAULT RIFLE Spanish (Español) Colocar en tu carpeta de tags Ruta: weapons\assault rifle\asault rifle Reemplaza la ruta original del rifle de asalto English (Inglés) Put in your tags folder root: weapons\assault rifle\assault rifle It replaces the original root of the assault rifle Downloads Mega: Mediafire: Credits Modiffied and uploaded By: Reus Autors Altheros: Model MMT: Animations Rododo: Effects and sounds HUD CEA Base: Masterchief117 Shadowmods: Cubemaps Potterhalo: some tools and 3p model Video:
  17.!pZJwCSRK!3WB1xUGRCGWtMiiD01EOppFV1f3IlAuJ5RP9V1zn3_k I ripped these long ago, models from a defunct MMO called UCGO a MMORPG created by DIMPS that died in early alpha that centered around the OYW of Mobile Suit Gundam. Two samples, the RX-78-1 Gundam prototype and a MS-14A Gelgoog. The packaged archive has a lot more suits from both EFF and Zeon as well as vehicles like the HLV and hovertruck. The textures are included but due to how UCGO handled colour presets they're in grayscale outside parts like the main camera. Weapon models are included in a bulk package.
  18. This Tag is one of the first that I use for my custom map, I put it here if you want to use it, or to put it in a repository - It's a Halo 3 ODST style SOCOM - In Case Of Graphics Mods, you have the amount of bullets as the stock -In case of mod sp or custom map, I also leave the folder h3, it contains he magnum of halo 3 which you can use for bullets, animations, etc. etc. odst pistol.rar oh by the way, this gun was taken from a bigass beta created by aLTis, sorry for not mentioning it in the post
  19. GET DKSS TAGS MEGAPACK! Download new Bipeds, Weapons, Vehicles & VFX Tag Sets! Direct on Dropbox: Get on ItchIO: DBZ Dragonball: Bipeds, Weapons, Armor Skins & Effects Sonic SMT: Bipeds, Vehicles, Weapons, Scenery & Effects Tachikoma Ghost in the Shell: Bipeds, Weapons & UI Forerunner Sentinel Forces: Bipeds, Weapons & UI CMT Plasma Dual Weilds: Weapons & Effects DBZ Dragonball Set: Goku HD Bipeds, Dragonball Armor Skins, Combat/Enemy Voice Dialogues and Energy Blast FP weapons. Sonic Set: Get all Sonic, Shadow and Silver bipeds, vehicles, scenery, effects, devices and custom weapons! Tachikoma Set: Get all Tachikoma and Kagotank biped and vehicle variants, plus new UI and updated weapons. Forerunner Sentinel Forces Set: Get all Enforcer, Sentinel, Monitors, Onyx and Custom bipeds skin variants plus laser weapons. CMT Dual Weild Plasma Weapons Set: Get all four types of Dual Plasma Rifles and Charge Pistols, plus bonus Dark Energy versions! Background: In 2018, I shared a compilation of major tag sets, including creations of my own. I've now moved it to Itch.IO and Dropbox for easy access since I'll be removing all this from my laptop. I created 95% of the DBZ set, turned Tachikomas into bipeds, upgraded the Plasma Duals, fixed a lot of the Sonic Team tags and collaborated on many other assets with the HCE Maps community. Will be great for Machinima wars & more. Pack extensively tested, works with fresh installs of Halo Custom Edition and are self-contained, no previous tag sets needed. Download on ItchIO: Direct on Dropbox: EXTENDED CREDITS BELOW. All collaborating authors are credited in the pack and permission requested.
  20. Original Pre-Xbox Assault Rifle (Remake) As the title says, this is a remake of the presumed original model/design for the assault rifle seen in only three images found (at the time of this being made) of "pre-Xbox Halo". This assault rifle isn't guaranteed to be 100% accurate to the original, as due to the three original reference images I had to make quite a few guesses of what certain shapes and details were intended to be. I also opted to re-use the Halo CE assault rifle's textures & shaders to better help this recreation model transfer into the final game, trying my best to match the original in colour as I could. (lowkey, it doesn't have a proper collision model because honestly I was just interested in making the model for this because I found the design interesting.) = FEATURES= 42-round assault rifle with a functional grenade launcher Includes a custom weapon HUD interface for High-Res Halo HUD users (aka Refined HUD) Archive includes a tutorial map variant which just has this assault rifle laying on the ground in place of the standard assault rifle. = REQUIREMENTS = Megasean's Pre-Xbox Styled AR Tags (used with his permission): You can find them on his OpenCarnage thread. Not required, but if you aren't using the Refined tagset by now.. come on man: = CREDITS = @Vuthakral : Modeling, UV mapping, getting the model ingame, the HRHH support for this weapon in specific. @MEGASEAN2812 - The original pre-Xbox AR-GL tags. = DOWNLOAD = From: Google Drive This is the original model in question that I was attempting to remake: And here's a bunch of pictures of the final product in-game:
  21. PRE XBOX STYLED HALO 1 ASSAULT RIFLE (VERSION 1.1) FEATURES: 2 main weapon variants, _gl (based on Macworld 99) and _e3 (based on E3 2000) 4 different skin variants each Modified AR diffuse tif to make your own skins B30_GL test map. Also included Spirals ODSTs in the map because they looked cool NEW IN 1.1: Stock version of HUD, with option to use the Halo CE Refined HUD CREDITS: Sean - Tagging, green and brown skin variant, animation editing, polish and release Echo77 - The original skin that created this idea, used as the "echo" variant in tags Vuthakral - Models for Grenade Launcher and Standard variants AI - Grenade launcher fire animation CMT - BRG Projectile, SPV1 AR, Color Changing Ammo Counter (modified by me) AltSierra117 - 42 Round HUD (modified by me) DOWNLOAD HERE (VERSION 1.1)
  22. Memes. I threw this together in ~20 minutes as a joke based on a discussion in the SBB Subscriber's Discord, so don't expect much quality out of this. More pictures of this abomination: Does not have: - collisions - unique ammo equipment - unique ammo equipment model - proper reload/melee animation - HUD support Does have: - stupid meme levels of ammo and firerate - animated bullets - dual-drum mag attached to it - extended mag grip removed Download tags from: Google Drive **requires you to have Bungie's tags, though you should already have these. **this tag is honestly hot garbage and if you unironically use it in a multiplayer map I hope you seek mental help.
  23. CMT Dual Weild Plasma Collection: Get new Dual Plasma Rifles and Pistols, plus powerful Dark Energy versions! DOWNLOAD (Updated): PREVIOUS RELEASES (Included): DBZ Dragonball Bipeds/Weapons: Tachikoma Bipeds Collection: Forerunner Sentinels Collection: Sonic the Hedgehog Collection: Included CMT Dual Plasma Weapons (8): Dual Plasma Rifles Blue (Elite) Dual Plasma Rifles Red (Brute) Dual Plasma Rifles Dark Energy (Shadow) Dual Plasma Rifles Classic Halo 1 Dual Plasma Pistols Charged Dual Plasma Pistols Dark Energy Dual Plasma Pistols Classic Halo 1 Dual Plasma Pistols Brute Red DOWNLOAD: Assets modified, upgraded and collected by DarknessSamurai Dark Energy effects & Rifle made by Ifafudafi. Dark Pistol by DarknessSamurai Blue/Red Rifles, and Pistol Charged created by Custom Mapping Team (CMT)
  24. What could be inside??? Download: gift tags.rar