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Found 5 results

  1. H2A MP Announcer to Halo Custom Edition This contains 26 .sound with somethings sounds of the announcer of Halo 2 Anniversary, have an sounds what use the announcer stock for lack of resources. These sounds are: Blue Team Has The Flag Red Team Has The Flag Hill Controlled Hill Occupied Play Ball Ghost Scorpion Warthog And for finalize these post I want to thank to people what helped me in this project and its tools: Vegetal - Provide the sound package. MrChromed and ReclaimerOmega - For giving me ideas that helped with the little project. AmarD - For giving me an explanation about Assembly. Berthalamew, s3anyboy and Shelly - For giving me an explanation about Refinery. Snowy and all the team what development Invader - I use invader-sound for compile the sounds. And if I forget someone, I'm sorry. I am a baka xd With love and care, Sawari Neko :3 Announcer H2A.7z
  2. Hi Guys Between these days I've been extracting sounds from Halo Reach in its MCC version, i hope it can be useful for the modders of Halo Custom Edition or any person who is interested. All sounds were extracted and consisted of four .7z files halo_reach_sounds.7z 5.0 Gb - 9.33 Gb It contains sounds of the environment in the game, weapons, effects, etc. halo_reach_sounds_dialogs_en.7z 2.5 Gb - 4.32 Gb It contains the dialogues of the campaign, firefight in English. halo_reach_sounds_dialogs_es.7z 2.5 Gb - 4.02 Gb It contains the dialogues of the campaign, firefight in Spanish. halo_reach_sounds_dialogs_esmx.7z 2.4 Gb - 3.90 Gb It contains the dialogues of the campaign, firefight in Mexican Spanish. The sounds have the following characteristics Vorbis 77 kbps 48000 hertz mono I hope you all have a good day Comparative of the size in the files With love and care, Sawari Neko :3
  3. ambients devices impacts detonations projectiles most visual sound effects +more http://www.mediafire.com/file/blvrwz23opv6dh6/halonimator_2019_sound_sfx.7z/file
  4. Ok, here are all the sound files that are in Halo: Online. They were extracted as .datchunk, all that you must do is change the extensions to a .mp3 for all of them. For obvious reasons, I didn't do this and reupload, since the files are the same, just an extension change. If you can't manage to batch change the extensions, you probably won't be able to use these sound files for anything anyway. There are 1,790 of them, and I have gone through them all and listened to each of them (at least briefly) in order to determine what they are. The quality on these is fantastic, and the ones towards the end of the pack when it gets into environment stuff is very very cool. There's enough creepy/horror sounds to make a game out of in there, completely unrelated to Halo. Cool stuff. I spent about 10 hours going through all the sounds making the .txt reference guide; if you find things that you'd like to add, please post them here or post your own version of the .txt. I could only handle so much of the grind before I said fuck it. DOWNLOADS SOUND PACK Halo Online Sound Pack Reference Guide.txt
  5. I do not take any credit for this piece of work. I randomly found a guy who recorded and uploaded a bunch of Halo 4 sound effects ranging from Weapons, Armor Abilities, and Announcer voices. It also comes with medals and weapon blueprints. Download: http://ge.tt/9NG5SBS/v/0?c Alt Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/16v7daegpy63szw/Halo+4+SFX+-+by+SillyGoose+v1.0.rar Note: He did some audio editing work to remove some background noise, and it has affected some audio files to sound a bit wonky. Most of them seem perfect however.